December 5, 2022

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Video .. Hanan Madi's first appearance of hijab, he reveals the reason for wearing it: "I was dying."

Video .. Hanan Madi’s first appearance of hijab, he reveals the reason for wearing it: “I was dying.”

Star Hanan Mathieu was a guest on MBC Egyptian screen media Yasmine Ezz’s “The People’s Words” show. The Egyptian artist talked about many important art centers in his life that changed his personality as well. Revealed some of his future plans.

Hanan Mathi appears in hijab for the first time

The episode saw the Egyptian star first appear on the hijab, and confirmed that he and his family had recently been diagnosed with Omigran mutation and that his family had passed the test of the disease, but he was very depressed. Had symptoms and a difficult health condition.

Hanan Mathie confirmed that she had been infected with the virus for a long time, and to the extent that she thought she would leave because of exhaustion, at that moment she realized that the sheikh had heard someone talking about the veil. That it is a sign of wearing a veil.

The reason why Hanan Mathi wore the hijab

And he continued, “The corona came around us, I sat for a while in defiance, I was dying, I met a shake who said something about the hijab.

The Egyptian star pointed out that he was surprised to see his daughter decide to wear the hijab, and asked him at the time if he would continue to sing, and Hanan explained that his daughter had no problem singing for him. Wearing the hijab, he insisted that those close to him did not take anyone’s opinion about wearing the hijab.

Hanan Mathie and his relationship with his daughter

Hanan Mathi added: “I am doing this for our Lord. He sang the song in the last episode of the “Abu al-Arusa” series, which he believes was not contradictory to the veil and was immediately worn.

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Hanan Mathie revealed her relationship with her daughter and confirmed that initially she tested everything her daughter did and sometimes it came down to fights and advice, but now she is much calmer and trying to be friends. Of her daughter.

Images from Yasmine Ezz and Hanan Madi’s Instagram account