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Secret Revealed by Nutritionist.. How Coffee Destroys Weight Loss Plans?


Secret Revealed by Nutritionist.. How Coffee Destroys Weight Loss Plans?

Milk coffee adds calories

A daily latte adds up to 1,330 calories per week

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If you’ve been trying to lose weight lately, you’ve probably been paying close attention to what you eat and drink to make sure you’re consuming the right amount of calories.

It may seem easy to make healthy choices when it comes to mealtimes, but what many people overlook is their drinking habits, especially coffee.

Hundreds of calories

According to the British Daily Record, coffee is often taken as a morning drink and is an integral part of the daily routine for many people. But it’s a drink that adds hundreds of extra calories that the body doesn’t need per cup a day.

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A report published by the British newspaper “The Mirror” indicates that if a person likes to enjoy a latte or a cappuccino in the morning, he can significantly increase the amount of calories he consumes for the week.

Coffee and juice

Dr. Mosley has published important tips on his Fast 800 website, which provides members with guidelines on how to achieve a healthy weight, saying that coffee and juice are among the worst drinks in our diet because they can contain large amounts. Counting calories doesn’t give you a feeling of warmth and satiety.

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She wrote on her blog: “If you’re eating well, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but you’re gaining weight or can’t lose weight, there may be a good reason.”

“Coffee and fruit juices should be taken into account when following a weight-loss plan. For example, a daily latte adds up to around 1,330 calories per week, equivalent to five and a half bars of chocolate,” he added.

Coffee without additives

If a person relies on coffee to get them going in the morning, Dr. Moseley advises, they can make a simple switch without additives like milk or sugar so they can meet their weight loss or gain goals.

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