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Secrets of the sixth version of the Apple iOS 15 operating system .. Surprises for iPhone lovers


Apple continues to test iOS 15, the new operating system for iPhone phones, by releasing its beta versions for the use of a limited number of experts.

The company’s latest beta version is the sixth edition, which reveals a new set of updates to the system’s programs and applications.

These updates include a new Safari app design that places the address bar or searches the bottom of the screen for its new look.

However, the operating system allows Safari users to redirect the address bar to its classic design or search the top of the screen as usual.

The official public release is scheduled to be released to all users in conjunction with the September, 2021, next fall of the Apple Annual Conference.

New feature throughout the system

According to a website called “The Verge”, which specializes in technology news, current tests on the new operating system have revealed a new feature for the first time for the iPhone 13 phones.

The site pointed out that the iOS 15 system will allow iPhone users to permanently close night mode with the camera, which was not available before.

Apple first announced the Night Mode feature for its phones in 2019 on the iPhone 11.

Night mode allows users to take a clear picture of the iPhone by pointing to something that can be difficult to see well at night with the camera.

If the sensors on the phone notice that the camera needs it to clear the image before announcing this feature, it can temporarily disable night mode, with the ability to automatically reactivate.

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Now iOS 15 users will not be affected by this problem as they can turn off the mode permanently

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