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Friday morning: Nazareth launches Lebanese and Israeli missiles targeting Damascus … ‘Defense boils volcano’


Good morning, Friday, August 20, 2021 Highlights here

Today’s topic: “Al-Nahar”:

Nasrallah reconnects with Lebanon and the agreement runs
The new adventure in which “Hezbollah” decides to push Lebanon into its catastrophic consequences could be as close as possible to the devastating adventure that involved Lebanon in the Syrian war. The surprise meeting between President Michael Owen and Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikdi may be an attempt to avoid the side of the agreement against the negative repercussions raised by the party’s decision to import fuel from Iran at Avin’s request last evening. For Lebanon to avoid taking the decisive position agreement that should be taken from not exposing Lebanon to this adventure.

Video- Israeli missiles in the skies of Lebanon and attack in Damascus
Before the Syrian News Agency (SANA) announced that Syrian air defense was facing enemy targets, Israeli planes flew over low-altitude Sydney, Beirut, Madden and Kesrovan into the skies of Damascus.
Eyewitnesses confirmed that two missiles were passing through the sky, while Bekawazis heard explosions inside Syria.


Government file
President of the Republic: Mickey faces growing and changing demands from others, which reflects the delay in formation
The Republican presidential office commented on reports circulating about the path to forming a new government.
He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

Mickey Responding to AUN: We hope the reported positives will be linked to practical action
Prime Minister-elect Najib Mikady responded to the president’s statement.
In a statement, he said: “We appreciate His Excellency President Michael Aun, the content of his statement and the continued cooperation in establishing a government that satisfies Lebanon, which meets the support of the international community. “
He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. And form a government soon.

Iranian oil
Nasrallah to Americans and Israelis: In a few hours a fuel tanker traveling from Iran will become Lebanese territory from the first moment.
After the Ashura ceremony, Hezbollah General Secretary Syed Hassan Nasrallah said, “With Hussein’s blessings, we have confirmed that our first fuel ship will depart from Iran.
He added, “Facing the Zionist organization is our priority in the coming months, and our eyes are on the US occupation of Iraq and Syria.”

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US Ambassador Shia: We are trying to find real and sustainable solutions to Lebanon’s fuel needs
Dorothy Shia, the US ambassador to Beirut, announced Washington’s decision to President Michael Aun to “continue to assist Lebanon in supplying Egyptian gas from Jordan to Lebanon. Noted that.

Nornews: Lebanese Shia businessmen buy Iranian fuel cargo for Lebanon
Iran’s semi-official news agency Narnius has announced that the “Lebanese Shia Business Group” has fully acquired Iranian fuel exports to Lebanon.
“Nernews”, close to the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, said in a statement issued today that “the Hezbollah General Secretary Syed Hassan Nasrallah has confirmed that the Iranian fuel export mentioned today was purchased by the Lebanese Shia group, which the businessmen consider as one of their assets from the moment they were loaded into Iran.”

Republican leadership: US administration will help Lebanon to extract electricity from Jordan via Syria.
The president, Michael Aun, received a phone call from Dorothy Shia, the US ambassador to Lebanon, who, in consultation with him during his recent visit to the Babta Palace, was informed of a decision to supply Egyptian gas from Jordan via Lebanon to Lebanon via Syria in addition to Lebanon via Syria. The US administration continues to assist Lebanon to produce.

Hariri responds to Nasrallah: Iran is an obstacle to forming a government … Your position paves the way to hell
At the end of the Ashura ceremony, Prime Minister Saad Hariri responded to the posts of Hezbollah General Secretary Syed Hassan Nasrallah: “Did we hear this morning about the arrival of Iranian ships good news or dangerous announcement? Will Lebanon be dragged into internal and external conflicts?

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In a letter to Zechariah Aun: You accept full responsibility, Mr. President
Samir Kekia, leader of the “Lebanese Forces” party, sent a message to President Michael Aun: Your Excellency, President: Over the past few weeks, private companies and some private sectors have been trying. Import petrol and diesel at their actual price from the energy minister who is your minister and allow them to buy at market prices. Energy is unresponsive, which has led to the misery we experience every day in recent months.

In the international field
George Isa asked: How did Biden’s reputation suffer after the uprising in Afghanistan?
The demand of the Americans to return their troops to their country after the Twenty Years War in Afghanistan was clear. An important note, however: this demand is enormous, but it is not more or less on the list of concerns of Americans, as many portray it. In recent years, the number of casualties between US forces has been declining significantly, and Afghanistan has not been of interest to Americans.

Community and Regions section

What does the Ministry of Education reveal to An-Nahar about the start of the academic year?
Increase in the number of corona injuries with teachers’ pay, transportation costs, internet service, installments, books and more, suffocation economic crisis …
Crisis requiring an education emergency plan some distance from the regular start of the academic year, so what is the Ministry of Education’s vision and what is the plan to date?
Hilda Cory, the ministry’s mentoring and advisory director, said: “Over the past month, the Ministry of Education has intensified its meetings with all stakeholders in the field of education and support organizations in preparation for the next academic year. Everyone must cooperate to make the school year a success.We will lose everything if we lose education.

Azhar Shboro wrote: Under the rule of Hajj Karaja, its image shook social networking sites … “Mujua”
A picture that rocked social media shows an elderly man, exhausted by illness, sitting in his car in the scorching sun and waiting for his turn in the gas line.

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Judy L. Asmer wrote: Tripoli’s homes have no electricity or bread, and the safety volcano is boiling … “We are dead in living form”
Lebanon does not experience a mixture of crises and imbalances in the joints of its state because all parts of it today suffer from the north to the south. Of course, Tripoli is not the only area mired in misery, but in light of the long-term shortage of services and programs, Tripoli is “the only area”. This shortage has not stopped her children from crying as tragedies abound to defend the principles of life such as electricity, food and petrol.

In the field of economics
Will internet service be suspended in Lebanon next week?

Ali Avada wrote: Lebanon .. Renewable energy needs safe infrastructure
The municipality of Abbasiya in southern Lebanon aims to operate solar water pumping stations. Provides alternative nutrition during prolonged resistance. Other Lebanese villages and towns, such as Abbasid, depend on alternative or renewable energy to not only provide electricity, but also to maintain the water supply to homes and prevent a crisis.

In the field of health
Lily Xerxes asked:
Heart patients suffer and doctors sound the alarm: When will the conscience wake up?
The girl, Bassima Ode (newborn), had only two days to save her life. She had a congenital heart defect that required emergency surgery. However, her inability to find a bed prompted her father to ask those involved, especially in specialized hospitals in her condition, to get her and save her life. The Lebanese-Italian hospital tried to help by providing her with oxygen and medication, but was unable to take care of her condition due to lack of equipment.

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