March 29, 2023

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See cumin cultivation in Minya.. 900 kg production per acre

Minya – Hasan Abdel Ghafar

Monday, 06 March 2023 01:00 AM

Al-Youm Al-Sabeya TV provided a video report of the harvest CuminIt is one of the popular medicinal and aromatic plants of Minya Governorate, and its cultivation is being expanded in the western desert hinterland.

Pashvi Farid, one of the cumin farmers in Manba, said that since the planting season starts from October to the end of November, it is one of the important crops that conserves irrigation water greatly, as cumin is irrigated only twice throughout its cultivation period. So farmers in desert areas accept it..

He added that the areas where cumin, star anise, coriander and other medicinal and aromatic plants are grown, the production is expensive and exported abroad, so the villages of Saft al-Gharbiya and Isfat al-Nasara are among the largest villages in the desert interior to cultivate these crops..

On productivity and cost per acre, Bishai said the productivity per acre would be 800 to 900 kg per acre and the cost of cultivation would exceed 35,000 pounds. or other crops of medicinal and aromatic plants. The importance of these crops is due to their entry into the pharmaceutical industry, and the Egyptian home cannot do without these crops, as they are indispensable in homes..

These crops have also recently been expanded and the center of Minya, Matai and Samalud is one of the largest centers in the province for the cultivation of these species..

And about the seeds, Bishoi confirmed that he has been working on these crops for 15 years and learned them from his father, so you notice that seeds suitable for clay land are not suitable for desert land, so the seeds are exchanged. That land and was chosen with great care..

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