April 1, 2023

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Dubai’s Harbor Market is expanding with wholesale store openings

Bismi Wholesale Store opened opposite Waterfront Souk, Marfa Souk, Deira Islands, Dubai, is one of the largest wholesale stores in the region with the most convenient needs of customers as it offers everyday purchases at very competitive wholesale prices. A revolutionary everyday shopping experience.

Bizmi Group Founder and Managing Director P.M. Hareth said: “Bizmi Wholesale offers a revolutionary everyday shopping experience through which consumers can purchase all items separately, either wholesale or retail. We have created a first business model in the region, a “shared economy model” and address each customer’s needs through sustainability and proactive engagement. completes.

The group’s core businesses focus on commercial customers in the region, from supermarkets, mini-marts, bakeries, hotels and restaurants, to large retailers and traders. With a unique concept, Bismi Group offers valuable solutions to many supermarkets, grocery stores, shipping handlers, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers and more.

“We are a one-stop solution provider for all companies in the region that require consumer products and serve more than 7,000 companies across the region on a daily basis.”

The model offers consistent value packages across all categories of consumer goods by partnering with global brands that offer a significant price advantage to every consumer.

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