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What is the story of the unvaccinated doctor who challenged the British Minister of Health?


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Tuesday 11 January 2022

London – (BBC)

A video clip of a doctor who did not vaccinate NHS staff against the British Health Minister over the government’s plan to vaccinate corona or lose their jobs has garnered more than a million views on social media.

The pre-employment vaccine requirement already applies to health workers, and from April 1, it will be extended to health insurance workers, 90 percent of whom have already been vaccinated.

Steve James, an ICU consultant who chose not to be vaccinated, told Health Minister Sajid Javid when he visited King’s College Hospital that “science is not strong enough” to support the plan.

He added, “In the case of delta mutations, vaccines only reduce the spread for about eight weeks.”

“The situation may be even less in the case of the Omigron mutant,” he said.

But the evidence shows it is not correct.

What is the concept of science?

Although vaccines are very effective in providing protection against severe COVID-19 symptoms, their protection against infection and spread is rapidly declining.

James noted in a study that 12 weeks after the second dose of the “Oxfort-AstraZeneca” vaccine, a person who received the Covid vaccine was 2% less likely to become infected than an unvaccinated person. His reference to “eight weeks” is incorrect.

However, the same study found that the “Pfizer-Biotech” vaccine, which is available to British Health Insurance Authority staff, is highly resistant and may be transmitted from vaccinated persons to others who have not been vaccinated. , After 12 weeks, a 25 percent decrease.

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And this study does not tell the whole picture. Vaccines also reduce the risk of contracting the virus in the first place.

One study concluded that those who received the Pfizer vaccine had an 85% lower chance of contracting the Govt infection than those who were not vaccinated after two weeks and by 75% after 12 weeks.

People who receive the vaccine recover more quickly from the virus, and this is less likely in their body, which reduces their chances of spreading to others.

All these studies are about the first delta mutant to appear in India.

Two doses of the vaccine Omigran appear to be less effective against infection and transmission, although they are better at providing protection against acute symptoms, but the third booster dose is effective again.

What else did the doctor say?

The second aspect of James’ argument is that he may have suffered from Govt disease, which gave him some protection without the vaccine.

“I have antibodies,” he said.

He added, “I have been working for Kovit patients (in the intensive care unit) since the beginning.”

The availability of natural immunity, that is, antibodies in the immune system, such as Helper D cells, instead of the vaccine, can provide effective protection against the virus in the event of an infection, despite the risk of severe symptoms. Long-term “govt” development.

But what the doctor did not mention was that, like his view of vaccines, this protection is diminished and may be ineffective against infection with different mutations.

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A study by Imperial College London indicates that protection against the Omigron mutant virus, first discovered in South Africa, could be “up to 19 percent”.

Several studies have concluded that the best protection against Govt infection comes from getting the vaccine.

Dominic Wilkinson, a professor of medical ethics at Oxford University, said doctors have a moral obligation to vaccinate them, but that it would be unfair to mislead someone else with the fact that a recent infection with covid may provide similar protection.

What is the online reaction?

James says he is not against all Govt vaccines, but he believes the case was fabricated this way on the internet after opposing the mandatory vaccine.

He describes himself as a “pro-choice and pro-vaccine”, and his view is precisely the scientific arguments on which they are based and not the vaccine.

However, Minal Face, another doctor at the NHS Hospital, who spends his spare time correcting misinformation online, told the BBC he feared James’ clip would be misleading by those who want to point out that vaccine science in general is not strong. The sheer weight of the evidence, published by hundreds of independent organizations and millions of people, confirms zero disease and death.

This is in stark contrast to what we often see on the internet, where short clips, personal statistics or lines of scientific research are more confusing than straight lies because they are “very common”.

“People on the Internet tend to spread things quickly and choose what they want,” Wise said, which left people with the impression that the intensive care unit doctor was questioning the science of vaccines. James raises.

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Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

But James stuck to his comments: “If people want to polarize, they will,” he says.

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