January 27, 2023

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Selling the legacy of Ahmed Jackie and criticizing Mohammed Ramadan and El Sopki ... The wars he fought

Selling the legacy of Ahmed Jackie and criticizing Mohammed Ramadan and El Sopki … The wars he fought

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

Opening the hot files was one of the most important aspects of the program presented by the late journalist Vel al-Ibrashi, and although he was attacked he did not back down from the purpose of the judiciary.

The late journalist got into many artistic conflicts and exploded many issues, the first of which was the legacy of the late artist Ahmed Jackie.

Legacy of Ahmed Jackie

After the departure of artist Haitham Zaki, journalist Vel al-Ibrashi during a “ninth” show on Egyptian channel One, Bilal Abdel Ghani, Rami SL-Din’s lawyer, his brother. The late artist Haitham Ahmed Jackie inherited from his mother, and sold the office of the late Ahmed Jackie, his legal heir.

Wel al-Ibrashi, after opening the file, declared that he had received threats of prosecution: “Who should be held accountable, who defended the literary, intellectual and moral traditions of the artist Ahmed Jackie, or who sold it ?!” Goes to the people, but his heirs must keep it within the limits of their privacy.

Chopki Movies

Vail L-Ibrashi launched a fierce attack on the films of brothers Ahmed and Mohammed L-Chopki because of the quality of the films they produced.

After the promotion of the film “Recata” produced by Mohamed L-Chopki, the late journalist criticized him for some provocations and words, and confirmed that the film would be released for the movie “Halwat Ruh”, which was suspended.

Angered by this, al-Chobki replied, “You are the journalists who do this. You are scolding the cinema. You want to create a title and save it.”

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Wel al-Ibrashi replied angrily, “Cinema will leave you alone. And I do not care if I talk to you.”


Mohammed Ramadan

Al-Ibrashi artist Mohammad Ramalan has been criticized for calling himself “Number One”.

Al-Ibrashi commented on his “Ten in the Evening” show, “People say whoever is number one, whoever is number one.”


After the Brazilian dancer Lordiana, he topped the “Google” trend after spreading a video of himself dancing at a beauty center.

Al-Ibrashi commented during the ninth show on Egyptian Channel One that more trivial things are at the forefront now, and that the hero is not a man of knowledge, talent and true achievement in his field, but a hero. She has become just a dancer. All she has achieved in her life is only video at the beauty center.

He continued, “It’s become the number one trend in Google search index … first of all, imagine what we’re getting into! She did what she deserved … what did she achieve? All achievements are the work of a dance that spreads people. ” It’s all over. “

Sherin Abdel Wahab

The attack on singer Sherin Abdel Wahab escalated after he posted a video claiming to be “Hegelk Philharsia” in response to a request to release the song “Mashrabash Min Nilha”.

Journalist Vel al-Ibrashi condemned what happened to singer Sherin Abdel Wahab: “Kill Sherin, kill Sherin, you enter paradise, you kill Sherin, she’s still patriotic.”

Death of Vel al-Ibrashi

The late journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi passed away yesterday, Sunday, and his last prayers were held at the Sidi Salem Abu Al-Faraj Mosque in Dakahlia Governorate, Sherbin, on Monday afternoon.

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