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What was the disease that afflicted Vel El-Ibrashi before he died?


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Egyptian press reports confirm that journalist Weil al-Ibrashi died of throat cancer after suffering from the effects of the corona virus.

Evidence suggests that El-Ibrashi was forced to move to a hospital with his son-in-law due to a health problem in the last moments of his life, according to the Sada El-Ballat website.

Dr. Amjad El-Hadat, an allergist and chest immunologist in Egypt, revealed the real cause of death of Vel el-Ibrashi, insisting that the journalist died of what is known as “corona syndrome”.

He added that there are no signs of death in a person recovering from the virus, adding that the deadly effects of the corona virus vary from person to person depending on the immune system and the effects on the body.

According to Masrawy, the virus can infect the lungs with cirrhosis in various proportions, and it can cause chronic bone infections, as well as loss of sense of taste and smell for several months, in addition. It is true that the virus can cause chronic immune diseases.

Journalist Vel al-Ibrashi pointed out that he had died of what is known as “corona syndrome” and that he had been at home for a long time recovering from the virus: “I do not know if he was. Is there no oxygen? “

Al-Haddad confirmed that after recovering from the corona virus, a person could develop what is known as “corona syndrome” which causes fibrosis in the lungs, as artist Talal Abdul Aziz received oxygen for several months until the lungs were gone. Artificial respiration for a long time, “the lungs are completely damaged.”

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For his part, the late media doctor Wel al-Ibrashi and the medical director of the Saeed Special Hospital, Dr. Magdi Abdel Hamid revealed that al-Ibrashi was hospitalized on December 28, 2020 with a corona virus infection. Suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, he was hospitalized for 3 months and things are improving with him, but the lung fibrosis occurred on a large scale

The Al-Wadan newspaper quoted the doctor as saying that Vail al-Ibrashi was in an oxygen machine and had a 60% fibrosis rate in his lungs, which means that 60% of his lungs were not working and he was discharged from the hospital. On March 28, his health improved and he was assured that he would continue to receive oxygen.

He added, “The late media promised that 40% of the working lungs would increase its effectiveness, and his wife assured him every week that things were going well, and today I was surprised by his death and unfortunately his psychological state as rumors spread on social media about his death. Was not pleasant when, and he came with me and talk to people to check his health live on his own phone, “Rumors about his death affect his psychological state. Lots.

Wel al-Ibrashi died on Sunday at the age of 58 as a result of a corona virus and lung infection.

The late journalist was infected with the corona virus a year ago, and although he recovered from the virus, he continued to experience its effects as most of his lungs were damaged as a result of the virus.

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Also on the official page of journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, “Facebook”, it was previously announced that he has been transferred to the intensive care unit.

Vail El-Ibrashi was born on October 26, 1963, in the town of Sherbin in the governorate of Tagalia. He has worked as a journalist for the Rose L-Youssef newspaper and has hosted several television shows, the most popular of which are “Ten in the Evening” and “Truth” on the Dream Channel.


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