February 7, 2023

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ندوة عن دور التحول الرقمى فى دعم صحة الأم والطفل بكفر الشيخ

Seminar on the Role of Digital Change in Supporting Maternal and Child Health at Kafr L-Sheikh

Organized by the Directorate of Social SolidarityKafr Al Sheikh Governorate, Seminar on the role of digital change in supporting maternal and child health in the 1000 day program, on the first day of the first day of the training program for rural female leaders, Drs. And Dr. Dova Abdel Salam Amin, Adviser on Public Health and Breastfeeding, Dr. Zahra Abu Ali, Representative of the Ministry of Social Solidarity; L-Shake.

Dr. Dova Abdel Salam, Public Health and Breastfeeding Consultant, said digital transformation in the healthcare sector provides health care providers with comprehensive vision and clear data on the health of citizens, and real opportunities to enhance clinical outcomes. Individuals..

Tova Abdel Salam added, “The world in general is witnessing the digital transformation of life, which has transformed the modern social, cultural and economic landscape in health and education, so there was a need to focus on digital culture. , And among the priorities offered by organizations in different communities are to spread awareness technology, facilitate tasks and activities, optimize the use of that technology, provide services to users of all standards and master the digital culture of children and education.

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