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September NET – iPhone 14 Pro Max to be top selling smartphone in 2023


In the year 2023, there is a strong competition between the two giants of the smartphone industry, Apple and Samsung, as Apple's “iPhone 14 Pro Max” has achieved a remarkable feat by topping the list of best-selling phones in the world. By Research Institute “Counterpoint Research”.

With overall smartphone sales down 9% year-on-year, Apple and Samsung managed to stay ahead as Apple's 4 phones and Samsung's 6 phones were in the top 10 list.
Best Selling Apple Phones:
iPhone 14 Pro Max:
“iPhone 14 Pro Max” tops the list of best selling phones and is distinguished by its unique features and excellent performance.
iPhone 14 Pro:
The “iPhone 14 Pro” phone takes second place due to its advanced capabilities and camera quality.
iPhone 14:
In third place comes the “iPhone 14”, which combines great performance and elegant design.
iPhone 13:
The “iPhone 13” is in fourth place, and has a faster chip and longer battery life.
Top Selling Samsung Phones:
Galaxy A14:
The “Galaxy A14” shines as Samsung's latest affordable phone at number five.
Galaxy A54:
The “Galaxy A54” is ranked sixth due to its amazing screen and long battery life.
Galaxy A14 5G:
“Galaxy A14 5G” enters the world of 5G communication at the seventh place.
Galaxy S23 Ultra:
The “Galaxy S23 Ultra” appears as a flagship phone at number eight due to its exceptional camera setup and strong performance.
Galaxy A04e:
“Galaxy A04e” is in ninth place and is suitable for users with limited budget.
Galaxy A34:
The Galaxy A34 makes the top ten list with a balance between performance and price.
Despite the decline in total smartphone sales in 2023, the large share of Apple and Samsung in this market confirms the continued preference of consumers for the products of these two leading companies in the smartphone world.

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