June 5, 2023

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مسلسل فاتن أمل حربي

Series “Faten Amal Harpy” Episode 15 .. Sheriff Salama Nellie Kareem Attacked.

After the divorce of Nellie Kareem aired the attacking scene, a wide-ranging contact was enjoyed on episode 15 of the Egyptian series “Faton Amal Herbie”.

The episode began with a flashback scene before her divorce from her ex-husband Saif El-Tandarawi (Sheriff Salama).

During the first scene of episode 15 of the Faten Amal Harbi series, “Faten” fights with his mother-in-law “Fadia Abdel-Ghani” after he buys “swimsuits” for his two daughters.

Seif’s mother, Nazima, tried to control his family in the way she controlled him, and asked Faten to buy women prayer items instead of swimsuits.

Further events of the scene continued, with Foden denying the guardianship of his two daughters, insisting that they already had piles of prayers, and exacerbating the problem, following the intervention of the husband who had attacked Foden and his mother beating her severely following what she was told to do. .

According to Najla’s friend Faden, we see her suffering with her brother because she asked for the right of heir to educate her son, but her brother refused and beat her and entered the hospital.

Faden intervenes with the help of “Sheikh Yahya” and can confront his girlfriend’s brother through his video, and to avoid slander on social media, he gives his sister மில்லியன் 1 million as his heir for the land.

The events of the episode continued, with Fatten receiving the support of the National Council for Women, where he was received by the head of the Complaints Office, who confirmed that he would be a role model for women, and that he would open the door to discuss an important issue. , And the People’s Forum should propose the idea of ​​amending the laws.

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“Fatten” again stood before the judge and demanded that the law be amended, and that the lawyer submit a note, and after the session was over Saif tried to beat Faton, but the women gathered around the court. Him.

The series revolves around a woman who faces an old law that robs her of her rights and her two daughters after a series of hardships with her ex-husband.

Starring Nellie Kareem, Sharif Salamah, Hala Zedki, Mohammad Darwat, Mohammad Al-Sharnoubi, Khalid Sarhan, Fadia Abdel-Ghani, Gilan Ala, Mohammad Al-Taji, Yarra Gibran, Lamia Al-Amir, Sarah Alban ” Al-Thaim, Kareem Fati and two women, Fayrouz and Rital Jaza. .

The series was written by Ibrahim Issa in his first theatrical experience, directed by Manto L-Adl and produced by the L-Atl Group, produced by Jamal L-Adl.