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The report monitors the shortage of psychiatrists and the high cost of treatment


Abu Dhabi: Salam Abu Shehab

Report by the Central National Council Health and Environment Affairs Committee on the policy policy of the Ministry of Health and Social Security to improve mental health, which the Council will discuss at 9pm on Tuesday at the Council Headquarters in Abu Dhabi. , Monitored the shortage of specialized personnel in the mental health sector and their inadequacy for the increasing number of mental patients and the imbalance in mental health services at the level of health facilities in the country, thus benefiting some patients. Increased pressure on psychotherapy services, and psychiatric wards in other hospitals.

Among the group’s observations and conclusions, Nama al-Sharhan, second vice chair of the Federal National Council and chair of the council’s health and environmental affairs committee, said it was difficult to diagnose child mental disorders. Psychiatric illnesses due to lack of psychiatric clinics designated for them and lack of coverage by most health insurance companies for treatment services; This caused high costs to patients and their families, and some discontinued treatment, with no plans for psychosocial care and rehabilitation for the mentally ill, and no follow-up and plans for their condition during and after treatment. Related to Community Psychiatric Services: Preventive Awareness Programs, Care and Home Support Services and Rehabilitation after Rehabilitation Psychotherapy.

He explained that the Committee on Health and the Environment discussed the policy of the Ministry of Health and Social Security in the United Arab Emirates on the promotion of mental health within three main axes: First Axis: Strategic plans for developing the policy and policies of the Ministry. And Law in Psychiatry, and Second Amendment: Strengthening and Expanding the Purpose of Comprehensive and Integrated Psychiatric Services, Promoting Prevention of Mental Illness in Members of the Community, and Third Axis: The Ministry’s Role in Cooperation with the relevant authorities to implement policy development policy and services provided.

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He pointed out that the committee (13) met to study the subject and to meet with representatives of government and local health departments to learn about the services provided in the mental health sector and the challenges they face in this regard. Procedures for coordination and cooperation with health officials involved in the provision of mental health services, and the panel aims to identify the most important challenges in the field of mental health (improving mental health in the country). Whether at the level of services for psychiatrists or psychiatrists is to determine the level of social awareness about these services and the 6 field visits, (5) the level of health care provided to patients in the field of psychiatry and treatment and rehabilitation based on visits to government hospitals to learn about the level.

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