September 29, 2022

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Serious alert for SMS that steals your bank details

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Android users are on high alert after researchers discovered a new malicious text message designed to steal bank details and check your address book. Also, if you receive a text message from a friend or close contact asking you to download a new video player app, be careful.

To carry out this devastating attack, Text Message utilizes a new malicious program called Flobot, which can infect Android devices and, once installed, allow cybercriminals to steal bank credentials and intercept text messages and take screenshots. Victim’s device. To make matters worse, it may raid your address book and distribute more fake messages to the contacts it finds.

According to experts, Android users should watch any text messages asking if they want to download video from their device.

A link will be added to the message that will take the victim to cheat the download page of Flash Player. This is the app that launches the Flobot Dream, and if you get the message that you need to download a processor outside of the Google Play Store, the advice is simple: no.

One of the reasons why Android users are always plagued by these scams is the openness of this operating system. Unlike Apple, which allows applications to be downloaded only through its official App Store, Al Arabia Net reports that Android users can install files and programs from anywhere on the Internet.

To avoid the latest Flobot attack, Android users are advised not to click on any weird external links in the text coming from friends.


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