June 29, 2022

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Memor defeated Djokovic in the Australian Open draw

Memor defeated Djokovic in the Australian Open draw

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The Australian Open tennis tournament, which starts on Monday, ended in a draw, and Serbia’s Novak Djokovic faces a non-rated teammate Myomir Kismanovic, despite doubts about the government’s revocation of his visa.
Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is exploring the possibility of revoking Djokovic’s visa to seek his 21st Grand Slam title and 10th Grand Slam title in Melbourne Park.
Djokovic, who trained at the Rod Lever arena, is expected to play on Monday or Tuesday.
The Australian Federation postponed the draw for more than an hour without explaining the reasons.
According to Draw, there could be an expected clash between Djokovic and Spain Nadal in the semifinals.
In another line, French “L’Equipe” reporter Frank Ramilla revealed details of his interview with Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic on December 18 and said he did not know the first seed was infected with the corona virus. And, “The instructions were clear, there was no question about the vaccine, so we did not ask him if he had tried the test. What’s the point of asking him about this?” The reporter confirmed that Djokovic had refused to remove his muzzle for five minutes to be photographed, but later removed it. Ramilla went to Victoria to cover up preparations for the Australian Open after his negative test, where he learned during an interview that Djokovic was infected with the virus.
A member of the International Tennis Writers’ Association added: “We were both guarded by a meter between us at a rectangular table, but it is very worrying that no member of the L’Equipe team revealed his injury. We are very careful to follow the instructions and expect the players to respect them as well.
In this context, the Netflix team has filmed what happened in the wake of Djokovic’s entry into Australia and being isolated in a hostel, and a documentary series on the start of the 2022 Australian Open tennis season will be released. “Drive to Survive” in Formula 1. London-based film company “Box to” Box “and producer James J. Reese have documented what goes on in the tournament despite the difficulties, and British tennis star Andy Murray has previously revealed that he praised the production of a documentary series about the game, but added:” I think there is, but I don’t think the people in charge of the game are very outspoken. It should be filmed behind the scenes, a difficult task, but it’s a fantastic idea, and many players will support it, but you have to trust the makers of the series as well.

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