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Serving 932 women within a week in a maternal and fetal health initiative in Kafr El-Sheikh


Dr. Chawson Salam, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health in Kafr El-Sheikh, said medical groups were provided in support of maternal and fetal health at the initiative of President Abdel Fattah L-CC. Medical services, and conducted necessary examinations932 Case in point last week, and the number was high 51 Thousands of pregnant women since the start of the presidential campaign on the first of last November.

The Deputy Secretary of the Ministry said that medical teams provided medical services in this endeavor51697 Kafr L-Sheikh, a pregnant woman in the governorate, noted that the initiative aims to reach a healthy generation of disease-free children transmitted from mother to fetus and reduce deaths from these diseases. Pregnancy day until birth.

It is the early detection of various infectious diseases transmitted from mother to fetus and all diseases that can affect the health of the fetus, in addition to detecting sugar and stress in pregnant women to prevent them from spreading to him. Follow-up and treatment services are provided by medical centers and health departments within the governorate.

Those diagnosed with the infection are recommended to implement and improve the quality of routine services they provide, depending on the type of illness in the mother, and to receive the necessary evaluation and treatment at specific referral hospitals within the governorate. Medical clinics are ensured to be equipped in accordance with the protocol for the care of pregnant women through maternity and child care services.

He added that the president’s initiative to support maternal and fetal health is aimed at clinical testing of pregnant and non-Egyptian women in cities and villages of the above age group. 18 Between years, education, awareness and clinical trials, their number is determined by a medical team trained in selective tasks, including “Doctors, Nurses, Data Entry Staff and Rural Pioneers” 182 The medical team was distributed on 11 Management.

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