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Shadi Zidan..Syrian artist dies of shock after brain hemorrhage during filming Tragedy on stage | Various news


Syrian and Arab artists and activists were widely present on stage for the funeral of Shadi Zidan, the brother of Syrian actor Ayman Zidan, who died a few days ago from a stroke he suffered and was later replaced. Hospital.

Yesterday, Friday, the Syrian Ministry of Information announced the death of the Syrian artist, at the age of 49, who suffered a serious health problem a few days ago.

A few days ago, Shadi took part in campaigns to support and provide shelter to the victims of the earthquake that struck northern Syria at dawn on February 6, after which he went to film his new series “Alley of the Jinn”, in which he portrayed Character “Abu Taysir.”

In the events of the series, the character falls to the ground due to a medical condition, and during filming, Zidane suffered an actual cerebral hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital.

In turn, the Syrian Artists Syndicate in Damascus said on Facebook, “We express our heartfelt condolences on the death of fellow artist Shadi Zaitan and will inform you later of the burial and funeral and the date of the obituary. We belong. To God and to Him we shall return.

Shadi Zidan is the brother of actors Ayman Zidan and Wale Zidan. He became famous for his role in the second part of the series “My Grandfather’s House” with Samar Al-Masri, Bassam Khawsa and other stars of Syrian drama. He also participated in the serial “The Rain Song” directed by Basil Al. -Khatib and other series.

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tag spread ( #Shady _ Zidane ) especially on Arabic and Syrian sites, after announcing his death.

Syrian actress Wafa Mousli condoled the deceased with touching words on Facebook, “Shadi, years have weighed on you, bad conditions have worn you down, your heart is broken by what happened to our country. Oh, good old man.”

And, “Eyes are shedding tears, hearts are sorrowful, we are sorry for your parting, we say only what pleases God, we belong to God and to Him we return.”

Syrian actor Bassem Yakhour shared a picture of his late colleague on Instagram, captioning it, “Shadi Zidan, farewell, may God give patience to the hearts of your mother, brothers and family for this painful separation.”

As for Syrian musician Maher Bakr, he wrote on Twitter, “Happiness stands at the border of Syria, afraid to enter, because the amount of sadness this country emits is unbearable for all the people of the earth. Farewell, Shady Zidane, have mercy on your soul.”

Syrian journalist Raed al-Mawaz tweeted, “Smile and say goodbye to the prankster. May God have mercy on you and send condolences to your loved ones.”

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On the Arab side, Jordanian singer Diana Karazon tweeted, “Syrian actor Shadi Zaitan has passed away. May God have mercy on you. My deepest sympathies to the Syrian and Arab artistic community. We belong to God and He owns us. Return.”

In turn, Lebanese journalist Abdullah Balbaki wrote, “May God have mercy on the Syrian actor Shadi Zidan, whom we remember well when he played the role of (Afif) in the Family 6 and 7 stars series. Our deepest condolences to Shady’s brother, the great star, Ayman Zidane.

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