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“Shagosh’s crisis” prompts Honey Shaker to resign as “musician”


“Shagosh’s crisis” prompts Honey Shaker to resign as “musician”

He told Asharq al-Awsat that he would dedicate himself to taking care of his family and his artwork.

Wednesday – 30 Tul Qidah 1443 AH – June 29, 2022 AD. Release number. [

Honey Shaker The day before yesterday (Asharq al-Awsat) during the Suez Music Festival (Asharq al-Awsat) during the Honey Shaker storm crowd

Cairo: Mahmoud al-Rifai

Festive artist Hassan Shakash has resigned as chairman of the Egyptian Music Industries Syndicate, a year before the end of his second term in office, due to a crisis caused by the crisis over the percussion department’s. “Insult against him”, during the press conference, the syndicate arranged to reconcile a section of festival artist Hassan Shakosh and percussionists.
In an exclusive statement to Shaker Asharq al-Awsat, Shaker said he was satisfied with his time in charge of the music industry’s syndicate within two election periods: “Thank you to all the members of the General Assembly for their invaluable trust in me. For the past seven years, however, I have decided to apologize for ending my union, and I wish them all success in choosing a captain who will fulfill all of their dreams and demands, and return among them as members. “
I have neglected my family so much in the past because of my union work and have had to dedicate myself to them in addition to my art work.
Shaker, nicknamed the “Arab Singing Prince”, was re-elected chairman of the Musicians’ Syndicate at the end of July 2019 after defeating his rival Mustafa Kamela by a thousand votes, facing numerous administrative crises. The last three years, especially the crisis of festival artists. , Until he announced his resignation, was considered by some to be a major headache he could not get rid of.
Over the past few months, Shaker has released a number of decisions regarding the suspension and banning of festival artists, which has led him to vicious clashes and debates with numerous businessmen and art critics.
The crisis over Hassan Shahoush’s and the percussionists’ faction that erupted the day before lies in the fact that the percussionists rejected the syndicate’s decision to allow Shahoushy to return to singing before he could formally apologize. Shakosh to reconcile between them, in which he refused to accept Shakosh’s apology and asked the council to resign from his post.
The “Shagosh crisis” prompted Shaker to resign from his post, not only during the seven years he led the union, but also because he had a number of problems with metal musicians, after which he resigned. He also had a heated argument with the costume designers. The matter was reiterated to festival artist Hamu Bekka, who was jailed and fined for abusing him, including insulting the shaker and besieging the musician’s syndicate headquarters in Cairo, including a percussionist known as “Saeed al-Abiad”.
His crisis with artist Mohammed Ramadan, in which the shaker tried to persuade Ramadan not to take off his clothes on stage, was one of the most important crises or battles the future captain fought. Permission to sing in Egypt for non-compliance with union decisions.
Shaker’s last crisis was with religious singer Mahmoud al-Tohami, who attacked him for continuing to refuse to allow singers to serve as working members, and only allowed them co – members. The festival is more concerned with artists than artists and singers. Following the resignation of Honey Shaker, al-Dohami withdrew his case.
It is noteworthy that Shaker announced in an interview with Asharq al-Awsat in December last year that Egyptian musicians were not going to run for a third term for the syndicate position and that he was satisfied with what he had given in two sessions. “I would be crazy if I did that” refers to his candidacy for a third term.
In the same context, the board of directors of the Syndicate of Musical Professions is trying to pressure Honey Shaker to reverse its decision, and “Asharq al-Awsat” learned that the syndicate’s lead percussionist, Saeed al-Kala, had been asked. , To rectify the situation, Seker will return to his position as captain of the musicians.




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