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Shakira is speaking bravely and openly about her breakup for the first time


For the first time, Shakira clearly and boldly revealed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, retired football player Gerard Pique and Spanish model Clara Xia, and the reason for the breakup from their romantic photos.

Shakira hits out at Big saying that a woman who doesn’t help another woman has a special place in hell.

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A famous Egyptian artist betrayed Samira Said and left her on her wedding day and presented a dilemma with her family in front of the guests!! His identity will shock you!!

A rare picture from the wedding of Moshira Ismail and Ali Al-Hajjar, who got married despite her family’s disapproval!!… This is how she looked up close!!

A perfect copy of Mai Ezz El Din is catching fire on social media.. You won’t believe the level of similarity!!

Al-Adl Company meets artist Mohamed Mounir to sing the title song of the series “Natra’s Coin” written by Nelly Karim.

Yasmin Eze hits out at a popular artiste after sharply mocking her.

Twenty years younger.. Elham Shaheen appears with all his charm and stun all his fans! Picture

A rare look of South Hosni from a long time ago, rivaling the current fashion trends.. You won’t believe how it looked!!

He gained weight.. King Muhammad Mounir’s recent and shocking appearance at Al-Wasal sites shocked the audience!

They asked Yahya al-Fakhrani his opinion on Samir Khanem’s world and his answer was a thunderbolt!!

cristiano ronaldo started to have the characteristics of arabs after joining the saudi club.. what he did recently proves that!!

In the past I believed that a woman needed a man to complete her life, but now I realize that I can be myself.

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In a new interview, Shakira spoke about her song, whose lyrics are directed at her ex-boyfriend, footballer Gerard Pique, and his new girlfriend, adding: “Somebody should have filmed how I started and ended the session. , and my words are more effective than a visit to a psychiatrist.

Shakira says, “Through my songs, I’ve always felt a duty to use my voice and give it to those who can’t speak.”

I realized that women are an important moment in society, where the support we can get from each other is most relevant.

In a message to Big’s new girlfriend Clara Sia Marty, Shakira said: “Women who don’t support other women have a place in hell.

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