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Shanghai Exhibition.. company to showcase one of the most beautiful electric cars


The Independent/- At the Shanghai Auto Show, Exeed unveiled an exclusive line-up of sleek and sophisticated vehicles that will be launched in Russia and several key global markets.

Among the most unique Exeed cars at the show was the Sterra ES, rated as one of the most beautiful electric cars to date.

The car had a very distinctive streamlined sedan body in terms of design, especially the design of the lights and the front end, and it was equipped with 21-inch wide wheels, and was 4 meters and 95 centimeters long. , the width is 196 cm, and the distance between the axles of its wheels is approximately 290 cm.

The driver interface in this car is devoid of traditional buttons, as the buttons have been replaced by a large touch screen in the middle of the interface, and another screen is installed in front of the driver that acts as a digital dashboard, and these screens can be controlled by voice commands.

Among the unique cars Exeed plans to launch in Russia is the Yaoguang vehicle, which will be launched under the name Exeed RX. This car is an elegant and powerful crossover vehicle characterized by a hybrid system with petrol engine and electric motors. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph within 4.3 kmph. One second.

The Terra ES will be offered in the global market, most likely, at a price of approximately $ 29,000. As for the new Exeed RX, its approximate price is currently not revealed.

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