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“Counting Leaves” in Dubai explores the relationship between nature and humans



New York-based Chilean artist Alonzo Guevara’s Counting Leaves at Tashkeel Art Center in Dubai celebrates the beauty and complexity of the natural world in his first solo exhibition outside the United States, exploring the vital relationship between nature and humans. Spiritual state..

Out of bounds

About the meanings of colors and plants in his exhibition “Counting the Leaves”, Alonza says: My works shine on trees and fruits, starting with coffee, through figs and olives, to pomegranates, a combination that transcends boundaries. Time, space and cultures unite humanity.

Alonza, who moved to New York in 2011 to pursue a master’s degree in fine arts at the New York Academy of Arts, adds: I rely on my instincts to determine color spectrums, and as I apply them directly to the canvas, bright and vibrant shades of green and yellow and red, abstract fruits stand out, their ability to evoke emotions. Playing a regular role, the brush strokes and extension of colors reveal inspired techniques by depicting minute details with great ease. The work of Russian-born American artist Mark Rothko, who is generally considered one of the most important artists of Expressionist and abstract painting.

Chilean artist Alonza draws inspiration for her work from her experiences living in three different countries: Chile, Ecuador and the United States. He was particularly affected by his childhood memories of living in the rainforest with his family. A unique community, culture and nature, my work raises questions of identity, belonging and feminism, and celebrates my perspective and beauty.

Alonza, whose work has been published in several international journals, affirms that he uses drawing as a means of depicting imaginary worlds, asking viewers to enter a space where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, and in which they can define a personal connection. Each piece, and his works often express plastic practices and show respect for the energy and concepts of life, indicate that he tries to renew the relationship between people through the depiction of plants, animals, fungi and humans. Nature has been corrupted by many weaknesses over time.

General tradition

About his work at the Dubai Tashkeel Center in recent months, Alonza says: I think it presents concrete evidence of the universal power of nature and its inescapable connection with humanity. The arid and tropical environments of the Middle East and South America rediscover their common natural heritage by exploring the role of trees in ecological integration over thousands of years.

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