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Sharing pictures of breakfast desks in Morocco is a bad habit with many different effects


When you return Contact sites For an open desk, it is difficult to cater to the eating needs of other groups in the community, especially in light of the high price waves the world sees, which exacerbates the negative psychological impact.

Comment on this rush to publish Pictures of Ramadan tablesPsychologist Othman Zimo said: “The thing that attracts attention during the month of Ramadan is that people are more interested in food, and the stronger the question is, why are people more interested in food than in other months and bragging about posting pictures of dining tables?”

According to Jimo, Ramadan is, in principle, far from luxurious Excessive consumption of foodAnd the shops are crowded, but the person who is fasting “especially focuses on the hunger he feels throughout the day and the thought of food and water, which means that fasting is similar to the hunger in the mind at first, and the table is packed at the end of the day.”

Psychologist explains what “in an interview with Sky News Arabia” The importance of food from a psychological point of view During the month of Ramadan, some people may fall into adultery, revenge or disobedience, but they cannot eat before that. Breakfast timeThis is what gives great value to food for fasting, so breaking the fast of Ramadan without a proper reason would be a greater sin than all other sins for fasting, and from here comes the value of eating and this false desire to photograph tables.

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According to Jimo, “Iftar is a long day after sunset FastingThat is why some people exaggerate the preparation of the breakfast table, such as celebrating a day of frost and avoidance of food, which becomes more of a desire than the basic need of the body.

It explains, according to the psychologist, “Contact sites are filled with pictures of tables, and there is a lot of talk about food on certain days. Ramadan“.

In this connection he stated that the fasting person should refrain from publishing pictures of the dining table and protect the feelings of others, because everyone fasts according to his ability. Compare and feel flaws or dissatisfaction.

He explained: “Sometimes a person has to borrow to satisfy his appetite, to provide the breakfast table without taking into account the nutritional value of this large quantity of food and drink, which contributes to his physical exhaustion and, on the one hand, weakens his purchasing power.”

Zimo concluded: “In light of this extravagance controlled by (nostalgia for food) there are some shameful expressions and behaviors that contradict the duty of fasting to the surface, as well as overeating and mismanagement.

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