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Another PS5 console comes with the Xbox Series X and S.


The mayor of Buxnax picks up two apples and stands on a dirt road in Bugsnax on the Xbox Series X / S.

Screenshot: Little horses

At this point, it is reasonable to assume that any statement on “console exclusivity” should be taken with full ghazal consciousness. PlayStation 5 release title Bocnox As part of the GamePass Library, developer Young Horse released the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S on April 28th. Announce. It also gets a version on the Nintendo Switch. Oh, it expands for free.

BocnoxAn adventure game about exploring the island of anthropology snacks, due to which E3 created waves for the first time in 2020. Infectious exotic melody From Kiro Gero Ponito in his trailer. People may have originally written it as a monument, but it also proved to be an extraordinary mystery Stunning dark invisible streamAnd In fact all the time it ends. The Pixnox IslandFree expansion available to all players on April 28th, adding a new section with major bugs (nax) to explore.

When he came out, Bocnox It was an essential part of the early PS5 release lineup with first-party Sony PS5 games like this. Astro Game Room And this Demon souls Re-creation. (Bocnox It was released simultaneously on the PlayStation 4 and PC.) Of course, the false third-party indie game appearing on the competition stage a year and a half after its release does not seem to have a big impact on Sony’s Ego, but Bocnox Not even the only PS5 release title coming to Xbox .This week.

Remember Goodwell? Unforgettable Entertainment Action Thief released on PS5, this is the developer’s decision The reason For technical limitations that prevent it from appearing on the PS4. (Goodwell It was released simultaneously on PC.) Last summer, the gearbox Switched back to PS4. Five days ago, it saw its full release on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

The tab between the main sites intersects both directions. Boarding, An isometric co-op shooter originally planned as the release title for the Xbox Series X / S, but was delayed until the summer of 2021, landing on the PS4 and PS5 a few weeks ago. The Blooper Team Factory was previously a dream come true for Microsoft AverageDual perspective puzzles require the next generation of horsepower, Came to the PS5 last fall.

We’ll probably have more in store. DeathloopMade by Arkane, and Ghost Wire: Tokyo, Manufactured by Tango, has been described as “console exclusive” for the PS5. (Also available on PC.) Last year, Famous for buying Microsoft The parent company of the two studios in exchange for a sum from the monopoly. At the time, Microsoft She said You will appreciate compatible exclusive deals, as they have not yet announced the Xbox release date for any game, but come on. Anything Feed the Game Boss MonsterRight?

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