Sharjah (Union)
Creative Lab, the educational partner of the eighth session of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, organized an interactive virtual workshop aimed at teaching participants the basics of creating a unique story and making it engaging.
The workshop, entitled “Story Writing”, was presented by Talal Al Azmani, Development Manager, Story Content at Image Nation Abu Dhabi, who identified the five basic elements of storytelling and first formulated a great idea or stand for writing a story. It establishes the basic premise of the story, followed by creating a character with a specific character like laziness, irresponsibility or dishonesty and then setting a clear goal that emerges from the big idea and can and will achieve, and the character should try to achieve it.
He stressed that presenting many of the problems or challenges faced by the hero of the story and preventing him from achieving his goal is another essential aspect, adding that the film without the challenges would be boring, and the writer’s task would be to add an aspect of suspense to the hero of the story facing the challenges and the difficulty of his success in dealing with a particular situation.
“The last element is structured by the story and the theme that connects all the other elements of the story,” he said. “It’s important to remember that planning a personal script takes the writer on the right track and helps him. Creativity as he begins the writing process.
He pointed out that some of the best writers in the world would have to rewrite their drafts several times to complete the story, while emphasizing that these basic elements could be applied to all types and forms of writing.