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“Sharjah International Book Fair” plays and performances .. Composition of music, acting and stories – Emirates Top News



"Sharjah International Book Fair" plays and performances .. Composition of music, acting and stories - Emirates Top News

Sharjah, October 21 / WAM / 40th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair brings visitors to the worlds of entertainment, fun and learning with adults and children alike, opening new windows to art and theater from around the world. Given more than 11 days in the period from 3 to 13 November, 5 plays and 8 concerts under the slogan “Here you have a book”.

Sharjah, October 21 / WAM / Sharjah International Book Fair
Its 40th edition has fans ranging from adults and children to enchanting entertainment worlds
Entertainment and learning open new windows to art and theater
In different countries of the world, it is offered for 3 to 11 days
5 plays and 8 performances on November 13 under the slogan “Here is a book for you”
Mobile music

A group of artists perform at the exhibition
Experts in the fields of performance, performing arts, acting, playing and effects
Voice and storytellers, the audience will be on a date with the play “Rabbits”
It was full of interesting events and exciting clashes between a group of dreamers
And another group of enemies of victory wants to prevent the march of dreams.

Visitors enjoy suspenseful moments on the “Sharjah International Book Theater” stage
And adventures in a show starring and represented by Badr Al-Shuaibi and Fahad Al-Bannai
Hanadi al-Kandari, Fahad al-Saleh and Ahmed bin Hussein, and it will be presented at three evening performances.
On November 11th, 12th and 13th.

Audiences of Indian culture have a role in theatrical performances in this edition
On November 5, a theatrical show titled “Caliph in New Delhi” was a comedy.
It has been on display in India for a long time and is very popular. It tells the story of a comeback
The poet Mirza Khalif lived in India in the twenty-first century
It puts the audience in front of the contradictions and situations that combine humor and reflection of impact
Time changes in human life.

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On the evening of the first day of the exhibition a theatrical work entitled “Symphony of Books” is presented.
Live ”takes the audience into a live experience of a world dominated by the voices of readers
The play takes the form of a sound-visual symphony and is presented in three performances
November 3 to 5, respectively.

From November 6 to 8, the exhibition will feature a play entitled “Interactive Imagination”.
It promotes imagination, illusion, reality and technology from an art structure
Books, pictures and cartoons in relation to the theatrical performance provided by the Agency
International talent targets children under the title “Crazy Science School”
It deals with bright and fun experiments that don’t believe much in serious science comedy
What is the madness of science and its wonderful contradictions.

Away from the stage, this year’s exhibition hosts 8 tours
There are various surprises for the audience and the exhibition is held on the sidewalk with music and dance

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Mesh Shoes Are the Most Important Trends on “The Row” at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024



Mesh Shoes Are the Most Important Trends on “The Row” at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024

Brand Revealed sequence “, about its new collection for spring and summer 2024, yesterday again at Paris Fashion Week, “Vogue” said that we have reviewed in this report combining classic coats, light and dark colors, hats and other trends. magazine website.

5 trends for spring and summer 2024 presented by “The Row”.

White robe

Although it mostly offers coats for the fall season, the brand ” sequence “, a white coat added some bright colors, the model paired it with yellow and completed her look with comfortable shoes.

White robe

Mesh shoes

One of the most popular brand trends sequence Mesh shoes made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024, as one of the models wore a flat red mesh shoe.

Mesh shoes
Mesh shoes

Sports jacket

And he appeared on the stairs. sequence “, an elegant red sports jacket, which is seen as an attempt to rethink the design of the famous brand’s sports jackets, as the fashion model wore a sports jacket with a white shirt and trousers.

Red jacket
Red jacket

Combine the colors

The Olsen twins are known for designing collections dominated by monochromatic colors, but this time they incorporated more colors as their design wore classic black trousers and a blue blouse, carrying a large gold handbag. XXLLoved by women who carry a lot of their things while going to work or shopping.

Black pants

Combine the colors

Mono colors

The brand showcased monochromatic pieces, a dress with pants using jersey fabric, and a geometric bag carried by one-of-a-kind models.

Black dress
Black dress

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Carolina Herrera at Dubai Fashion Week for the first time



Carolina Herrera at Dubai Fashion Week for the first time

Launched as an initiative of Dubai Design District in association with Decom Group and Arab Fashion Council, Dubai Fashion Week brings “Carolina Herrera” signed by the brand’s Creative Director Wes Gordon as the guest of honour. Spring and Summer 2024 Fashion Shows.

Carolina Herrera, one of the world’s most famous luxury fashion houses, is expected to present its long-awaited Spring/Summer 2024 collection as part of Dubai Fashion Week proceedings. The luxury fashion house will join an elite group of the most renowned local, regional and international designers at this most important event in the region, which will be organized in the Dubai Design District between October 9 and 15.

The official launch of the season will be announced on October 8th at an exclusive event in front of the media and the most important celebrities, in the presence of the brand’s creative director, Wes Gordon, to open the proceedings of Dubai Fashion Week. . The following day, on October 9, the luxury brand will present its long-awaited Spring/Summer 2024 collection, with exclusive designs being shown for the first time to celebrate the momentous occasion. A special dinner honoring Wes Gordon will be held in front of prominent local and international media, avid buyers and fashion industry celebrities from around the world. In addition to these key events, Carolina Herrera will welcome a select group of its customers to view the collection in person, through mobile events organized throughout the week.

Mohamed Agra, Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Fashion Council, said: “We are delighted to announce the participation of the Carolina Herrera brand as the guest of honor to open the Spring-Summer 2024 edition of Dubai Fashion Week. In line with the goals and aspirations of Dubai Fashion Week, there is no doubt that this luxury brand’s commitment to excellence and good taste has always attracted the attention of high-end fashion lovers in the region. We expect Carolina Herrera’s show to make a significant mark in the fashion world at the regional level, inspiring aspiring designers and fashion lovers alike.

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For his part, Wes Gordon, creative director of Carolina Herrera, said: “We are very excited to participate in this season’s edition of Dubai Fashion Week as we are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase our Spring/Summer 2024 fashion collection. We are happy to share with you from New York… the most important organizations in the fashion world in Dubai and the Arab Fashion Council. We are very pleased to offer an exceptional and unforgettable experience to the participants of the second edition of Dubai Fashion Week.

In this context, Khadijah Al Bastaki, Senior Vice President of Teacom Group, said: Dubai has succeeded in entering the world of fashion from a broader perspective as it reaches the global fashion stage through Dubai Fashion Week. , which is the most important event in the region. “Attracting the most important talents and creative designers from around the world, designs and fashion trends move away from everything familiar in the world.”

He added: “Carolina Herrera’s participation in Dubai Fashion Week is a great example of Dubai’s growing role as a global destination for fashion and events with global impact. As the region continues its relentless pursuit to become a major destination for fashion and luxury brands, Dubai Fashion Week’s role is to showcase the talents of this vibrant and diverse region.” and doubly important in highlighting creative skills and providing participants with new experiences in the world of fashion and creativity. Carolina Herrera’s participation in the second edition of this event undoubtedly supports its ambitious goals.

Dubai Fashion Week was launched last March as an initiative of Decom Group’s Dubai Design District and the Arab Fashion Council, in partnership with Paris, New York, to cement Dubai’s position as a global fashion capital. , London and Milan. Dubai Fashion Week provides a global platform for emerging and established designers who want to build their brands through a variety of events held in conjunction with the most important fashion events around the world. The event will not only provide an opportunity for regional designers to connect with international companies looking to buy, distribute and do business with them, but will also act as a key gateway for international talents and brands to continue expanding their reach in regional markets.

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• An initiative of Dubai Design District and Arab Fashion Council.

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19 films are participating in the New Saudi Cinema program at the Red Sea Film Festival



19 films are participating in the New Saudi Cinema program at the Red Sea Film Festival

Published on: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – 4:49 PM | Last Updated: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – 4:49 PM

The Red Sea International Film Festival has announced that it has selected 19 films to participate in the “New Saudi Cinema” program in the Short Films category. All films are between 5 minutes and 44 minutes long, and discuss topics related to countering extremism. Social adaptation and coping with interpersonal conflicts.

Films selected in this year’s Short Film category:

* “Khaled Al-Sheikh: Between the Thorns of Art and Politics,” by director Jamal Qutbi, is a documentary that explores the journey of Bahraini artist Khaled Al-Sheikh after leaving the world of politics to study music.

* “The Last Winter” by director Haider Daoud is a poignant documentary that follows the director and his friend Mohsen as they suffer from homelessness during a harsh Scandinavian winter while reminiscing about their homeland, Saudi Arabia.

* “105 Street,” directed by director Abdul Rahman Al-Jandal, is inspired by the true story of two Saudi policemen, Marwan and Nasser, who confront an ISIS cell in Riyadh.

* Director Tafar Al Shehri’s “Shunt” revolves around the life of a remote worker whose dreams slowly fade due to isolation.

* Director Hania Bakshwain’s film “The Journey” tells the story of Aaliya, a mother and Uber driver who faces social challenges with the burdens and responsibilities of life placed on her shoulders.

* Director Rima Al Majeed’s “Basin” revolves around the story of Alia, who faces her inner fears as she sets out to achieve her hidden passion of becoming a screenwriter.

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* “I’m Fine” by director Faisal Al-Zahrani. The film tells the captivating story of a mute boy, Khair, and his toy friend Zadar, exploring their experiences of loss and death.

* “Expanded Intensity” by director Sultan Rabi. Its events revolve around Samar trying to get some sleep after spending a night.

* “Come Come” by director Durr Jamzoom revolves around Dana, a spoiled 17-year-old girl who learns to control and manage her emotions by playing on the beach with her friends and spending vacations.

* Director Afnan Bhavyan’s movie “Salik” narrates Hajar’s adventure while cooking salik and turns it into a special and memorable experience shared by her neighbors.

* “Monster from the Sky”, directed by Maryam Ghayat, tells the adventure story of a playful fish who is on a mission to save his fellow sea creatures from a deadly monster.

* “In Something” by director Abbas Hamid Al-Din tells the poignant story of two brothers searching for happiness amid the chaos of a war-torn region.

* Director Hasan Saeed’s movie “Antidote”. The events of the film revolve around Ali, a popular music-loving young man who gives his favorite singer his latest record after losing his voice.

* “The Old School” by director Abdullah Al-Qamis. The film narrates the plight of a hero and his efforts to adapt to his new work environment after a long time.

* “Art Black” movie directed by Abdel Rahman Badawi. The film revolves around About, a creative designer who faces pressure to complete a project within a certain time frame.

* Director Jonah Al-Zahrani’s “The Last Thread” tells the story of a woman’s life and her constant efforts to overcome the constraints that limit her creativity.

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* “The Feet of Salem” by director Talal Al-Mused. The film tells the story of two friends who take an unexpected turn when they start a new experience.

* “Jamil the Happy” by director Osama Khalifa. The film presents an inspiring story about the determination of a “dumb” to land a position as a happiness specialist in a prestigious company.

* “Hadi Al-Ais” by director Abdullah Saherdi is a documentary that parallels the beauty of the camel, shedding light on the customs and traditions of Saudi culture, connecting the past with the present and connecting the Saudis. People historically, geographically and emotionally.

Speaking at the event, Mohammed Al Turki, CEO of Red Sea Film Foundation, said: “The new Saudi Cinema Program reflects our continued commitment to supporting Saudi Arabian cinematic talent. Saudi Cinema.”
For his part, New Saudi Cinema Program Director Mohi Khari said: “At the Red Sea Festival, we want to represent Saudi cinema and see its growth and brilliance in every session of the festival. So New Saudi Cinema is a program that wants to present diverse and inspiring stories characterized by creativity and innovation.”

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