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She bought a luxury apartment in a short period of time. A Chinese woman has worked 16 jobs at the same time without doing any work.


A Chinese woman managed to buy a luxury apartment in Shanghai by working 16 different jobs at the same time for at least 3 years, but without doing any work for herself. Employers, according to the report. Local reports.

Chinese media explained that Guan Yu (pseudonym) defrauded about 16 employers in order to receive monthly wages for 3 years without performing any services for them.

According to the investigation, the woman and her husband, who is a suspect in the case, meticulously kept records of her employers, the position she held in each company, the date she started working for each and bank account details. For every job.

It seems that this woman is very smart, because she succeeded in defrauding the bosses for a relatively long time, to the point of buying an expensive apartment in Shanghai.

Kwan was very busy looking for work in companies and would conduct several job interviews at the same time, under the guise of being a middleman who would find work for others in exchange for a commission, however, he kept it. Most of the work for her is that if she loses her job in a company, she gets compensation. There are many opportunities elsewhere.

A “fraudulent” dentist who treated his patients on a skateboard has been jailed for 12 years

The Anchorage, Alaska Supreme Court sentenced Seth Lockhart, a dentist, to 12 years in prison, 8 years probation, and 10 years probation for reckless conduct and fraud. Health system according to the New York Times.

His fraudulent schemes began to unravel last January when one of his former employers found a resignation letter from him on an online job board.

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Liu Jian, the owner of a technology company, hired Guan and 7 other people as sales representatives, but fired them after a 3-month trial period because they did not make any sales.

Shortly thereafter, Guan made the mistake of sending his resignation letter to another company and several online workgroups where Jian was a member of these groups. time in his company.

After some investigation, the man contacted the police and reported the fraud he had committed, and further investigation revealed a large-scale fraud dating back at least 3 years.

From inside his prison.. a Nigerian commits a “million dollar” scam

A prisoner in Nigeria was able to run a million dollar scam using nothing but his phone and the internet.

Ironically, Quan was arrested during an interview for a new job, and at the time of his arrest he had 16 jobs, not to mention kickbacks from people he helped get the jobs.

According to Chinese media, this type of job fraud is a huge problem in China, with hundreds of “special teams” allegedly working for different employers at the same time.

These scammers are trained in interviewing and have a good resume, but they are only interested in getting a free salary.

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