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Shock .. Death with weightlifting champion Tariq Wahdan Corona

Shock .. Death with weightlifting champion Tariq Wahdan Corona

Sunday, 10 / 31-2021
12.00 pm

To the shock of all, the Egyptian Paralympic Committee announced the death of the hero, Paralympic weightlifter Tariq Mustafa Wahtan, on Sunday morning.
Tariq Vadhan, 23, was infected with the corona virus 5 days ago and his health deteriorated and he died this morning.
The doctor wrote. Paralympic Committee President Hayat Qattab wrote on his Facebook page, “God forbid. May God bless him with his mercy. “
And he continued, “Today I lost one of my sons, my beloved, loving, affectionate hero, Shah Tariq Wahdan, who always looked at me and smiled sweetly.”
And he added: “May God give patience to his mother, loving sister, Dr. Iman and his father, brother and sister. The patient is ours, and the one who gives us patience, God willing, is in heaven.”
On his Facebook page, Egyptian weightlifting champion Muhammad Ihab said, “Survival of the fittest. We ask you to pray .. We belong to God. And we will return to him. “
Wahdan has had many achievements and successes in weightlifting, most notably the award for the best young athlete in the world in 2017 and the gold at the World Championships in Mexico.

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