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A Gulf artist is demanding 1.1 million dirhams in compensation from a television station




A Gulf artist has demanded a million and 100 thousand Emirati dirhams (about $ 300,000) in compensation for using his image and name to promote a series in which he did not participate. Emirates Today “.

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In the video .. Lebanese journalist Nishan reveals the identity of the famous artist who paid for his studies in Switzerland.

According to the Emirates Today newspaper, the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Claims Court dismissed the Gulf artist’s case without naming the artist.

In the details, a Gulf representative filed a lawsuit in which he demanded that a TV channel be paid between one million and 100 thousand dirhams in compensation for material and moral damages and the opportunity to participate in works of art. The artist hired an expert to show the extent of the damage done to him, and the chance he missed as a result of using his image and art name, and forced the defendant channel to pay lawsuits, costs and attorney fees.

According to the newspaper, the artist pointed out that he is an actor and has a history and name in the field of art in the Arab and Gulf countries and has provided roles in television series and has been involved in television roles for more than 20 years. , And is known in the art community, and has a name on social networking sites, and the respondent TV broadcasting station.

The plaintiff explained that he had received several calls and inquiries from his fans regarding his participation in a series where they saw his name and photo on the TV channel’s website and it became clear to him after opening the link that the respondent channel was in his favor. He used his name and artistic reputation and his personal image as a series of marketing on its website, without his knowledge, permission or consent to participate in the work.

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The plaintiff stated that he had suffered moral damage as a result of his name, reputation and reputation being used to market and promote the series without his participation, for which he would have to pay compensation. At the same time he made a deal with another. , The pay he receives for contracts ranges from 850,000 to one million dirhams, and he suffers financial loss as a result of the defendant’s mistake in using his name.

Plaintiff’s agent submitted a memorandum attached to the portfolio of documents, and the defendant’s agent attended and submitted a response note in which he pointed out that the company he was working for as a candidate for representation in the series had made a difference before filming began, and the plaintiff did not sign the contract. Also the ads for the series were shown based on the recommendations and did not use the name.

For its part, the court clarified that the plaintiff had to prove his claim, and the defendant had to deny it and dismiss the case and the plaintiff, the plaintiff, was compelled to pay the costs of the case.

Source: Emirates Today

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