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Shocking information .. Nurses shoot at artist Menna Shalabi


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Several nurses in Egypt have introduced several hashtags accusing artist Menna Shalabi of racism and mistreatment, while a well-known artist has accused two nurses of medically neglecting her mother.

The artist, Menna Shalabi, wrote a statement against the two nurses, alleging that they neglected the care of his mother, artist Gizi Mustafa, and that they caused him burns.

Amidst various testimonies about the treatment of Menna Shalabi and her mother, the nurses demanded the intervention of the Nursing Syndicate to save their colleagues.

One of the nurses also said in a Facebook post that Menna’s mother worked at the home of artist GC Mustapha, who took care of her health and was subjected to similar abuses.

He added, “I can not believe the injustice done to the nursing department. Imagine that you leave your family, your home and her children. Suddenly you go down to a security office and then go away. I’ve worked with Menna Shalabi. I know her sad way. ” What do you do in nursing, another with an unexpected stick from a thermal water bottle, she keeps her mother in custody, seizes two girls and asks them to put them in the security office as thieves or robbers, and more than one person tries to communicate with the artist because the problem is simple and not accidental . , But did not sue, but after she had finished insulting, humiliating, verbally and verbally abusing her as always happens at home, she is friendly to the truth and is currently prosecuting them.

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And, “I worked with her for more than 3 months. I saw her being insulted by bad words from us. We slept on the floor, we had no bed. It’s nothing but bad food. It’s a meal all day.”

The nurse described the first meeting between herself and the artist, “The first meeting was when she said that the most important need in her life was her mother and that she did not want anything from me, but that her mother was fine. I told her, this is your mother’s right upon us, but she traveled to El Gown When done, the treatment was different, I found her breastfeeding a nurse on the floor., And a meal that could reach one meal a day, and when we complained, her response was that you did not come here with me to make your dreams come true.

Another wrote, “Frankly, I’m seen her too hard, and that’s a silly topic, and I ignored nursing because of canula because her mother’s hands turned a little red and cursed the hospital.”

Both nurses were released under the warranty of the residence, and Mabahit’s inquiries are now ongoing into the fact of negligence, with a report submitted by Mona Shalabi alleging medical negligence that caused the damage. To his mother, polluting the wound and worse complications.

A medical source has revealed that two nurses accused by artist Mina Shalabi were medically negligent during her mother’s care work at a private Cairo-based medical service provider, not in El Gauna.


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