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Short stature isn’t a problem. Martinez, the new United defender, knows how to stop Holland and Nunez.



Short stature isn't a problem. Martinez, the new United defender, knows how to stop Holland and Nunez.

New Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez has many skills in building up attacks or blocking attackers with his physicality.

Manchester United have succeeded in signing Argentine defender Lisandro Martinez from Dutch club Ajax.

Of course, Martinez’s arrival at Old Trafford comes with the blessing of former Ajax coach Eric den Haag, who knows the Argentine defender’s value and his formidable defensive skills.

Martinez is 1.75cm tall and despite his remarkable shortness for a traditional central defender, he has the ability to make up for it, and his success at Ajax and the quality of players he has seen confirm he is not intimidated. Someone or anything while trying to win the ball.

Martínez is seen as one of the most important defensive linemen in the Eredivisie in terms of ball-playing ability, especially forward passing.

It helped Ajax under Ten Hoag’s leadership to break down defensive blocks in the Eredivisie and help the team successfully control the ball.

But apart from his versatility with the ball and ability to play at left-back or central defender, Martinez can control any striker, be it new Manchester City star Erling Holland or Darwin Nunes. New Liverpool player.

During Ajax’s matches against Borussia Dortmund and Benfica in last season’s Champions League, Martinez was watching the two teams’ strikers Holland and Nunez respectively.

Perfect in anticipation and fast in pressing!

With simple snapshots from last season’s Champions League matches, Martinez has an uncanny ability to predict the trajectory of the ball.

Martínez succeeds in intercepting the ball before it reaches the attackers and this stops any potential attacking plan.

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The process of finding big attackers in physicality requires a kind of bravery, predictability, the right movement to cover space and the right tackles, all of which are found in Martinez.

The Argentine defender is willing to sacrifice himself to get the ball, and makes up for his short stature with courage and strength in tackles, to the point of intimidating attackers at times.

Looking at Martinez’s passing numbers for the 2021-22 season in the Eredivisie, the Argentine defender managed to send 1,746 perfect passes in 1963, with an accuracy of 88.9%.

What distinguishes Martínez’s passes is that 33.3% of them went forward, 6.8% went back, while 85.5% of Martínez’s passes came in the opponent’s half.

Is Martinez the solution to the United defense?

Lisandro Martinez, and his ability to play as a left back and central defender, can solve many of the problems Manchester United faced last season in particular.

Eric den Haag could play with three defenders next season with Harry Maguire, Rafael Varane and Martinez, in which the “Red Devils” captain shined the most.

Maguire in particular has been the target of derision from many of Manchester United’s rivals.

Also, Martinez’s clever anticipation of the ball’s path, successful interception and smooth clearance could give Manchester United the solution to end the misery of gradient ball possession from the back, which was evident with Maguire.

Lisandro Martinez stats GFX

Target / cartridge

The Argentine defender could be the man Manchester United need to improve defensively after suffering an unprecedented stint last season.

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After a difficult birth in the face of eternity…Al-Ittihad fans celebrate, mocking Al-Hilal!



After a difficult birth in the face of eternity…Al-Ittihad fans celebrate, mocking Al-Hilal!

A hard-fought win against Al-Quluth did not stop Al-Ittihad fans from “clogging” Al-Hilal.

Al-Ittihad fans celebrated their team’s passage to the round of 16 of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup in style with their usual “crackling”, but this time the jeering extended to Al-Hilal.

Al-Ameet struggled through to the round of 16 against Al-Kuluth, beating them 7-6 in a penalty shootout after normal time, and the two extra halves ended in a draw with one goal each.

Qualified by the skill of Abdullah al-Mayub. The Tigers goalkeeper successfully saved four of the ten penalties he faced.

Title continues below

To celebrate him, the audience in the arena chanted his famous chant “Sabo, why?” as Al-Ittihadists mocked Al-Nassr for his boycott of Moroccan striker Abdel Razzak Hamdalla. They chanted. Adopted in the future against al-Hilal and al-Mayuf.

It is noteworthy that “Rai Al-Marouf” left Al-Jaiem at Mercato last summer and moved to Al-Jedawi Club after Al-Azmi club signed Moroccan goalkeeper Yassin Bounou as their main goalkeeper.

Al-Mouf, however, sits as a reserve with Al-Ittihad in the Roshen League and Portuguese coach Nuno Santo has relied on him as a starter in the AFC Champions League’s first-round group stage match against Uzbekistan’s Olmalik. Tonight is the King’s Cup match.

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A secret recording exposes a sports official and gets him fired



A secret recording exposes a sports official and gets him fired

In an undercover recording inside Wimbledon Football Club, managing director Danny McLean made obscene remarks towards his colleague, ticket manager Rebecca Markham. I will kill her.”

British newspaper The Times said the recording device was placed in McLean’s office by Matthew Wells, a former British soldier who worked part-time as a security officer at the club.

When the device was dropped, McClain was revealed to have said: “I want to throw her – Markham – through a damn window … I don’t want to kill someone, but I want to kill her … I hate her, that damn bastard.”

The record found widespread repercussions in Britain, and the sports community there condemned the club official’s stance. An official statement from Wimbledon Football Club immediately responded to the allegations: “Wimbledon Football Club is a responsible, comprehensive, modern and fan-owned club. It takes its commitment to operate…” Leading by example and right, as well as taking care of staff and fans is very serious.”

The statement added: “This type of allegation cannot be tolerated, cannot be accepted and does not represent the culture of Wimbledon Club. Once we became aware of this matter, we acted appropriately in accordance with our responsibilities and values. The crisis is immediate.”

Managing director Danny McLean was sacked for insulting a colleague.

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Zamalek collide with wall of Arab contractors at critical moment… “Al-Abyad” demands rematch



Zamalek collide with wall of Arab contractors at critical moment… “Al-Abyad” demands rematch

After snatching a draw from the fangs of its host “Al-Abyad” at the Cairo Stadium (1-1) in the second round, the Arab contractors gave Zamalek a strong shock. Egyptian League.

Zamalek took the lead through Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” in the 83rd minute, and Mogabloon’s Ahmed Ala equalized in the ninth minute of stoppage time.

The match was marred by widespread refereeing controversy after a Mogabloon defender disallowed a goal by Mostafa Shalabi that was deflected with his hand and referee Amin Omar refused to award a penalty kick to Zamalek after a shot by Mohamed Ashraf (Ruqa). .

Egyptian website Welcol revealed that Zamalek had submitted a request to the Football Association and the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association to replay their match against Arab contractors.

He added: Zamalek protested against match referee Amin Omar through an official letter to the Football Association and the Club Association, according to Zamalek Football Director Abdel Wahid Al-Sayed.

The letter contained 3 requests from Zamalek, which were to review the Arab Contractors competition according to the rules, and the errors in the application of the law and the impact of the refereeing errors on the end of the competition, and the second request to refer the referee Amin Omar to an investigation, and finally not to assign any other Zamalek competition to referee Amin Omar.

Abdul Wahed Al-Sayed said: “I am filing a protest against Amin Omar because of his conversation with the video technical referee regarding the penalty kick that was not awarded to the team, and we will attach the recording of this incident to the protest. .”

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He continued: “The referee gave Zamalek players six yellow cards in the match and deliberately intimidated the players. He also counted more stoppage time than was announced at the end of the match.”

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