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Chemical benefits of drinking potted water


Our ancestors may have used earthenware to cook food and store other items and materials, but today the preference for non-stick metals and ceramics has increased and this has taken over utensils, and pots have been used instead of storing drinking water. Water filters in use today.

As reported by the Medical Express website, water stored in containers not only keeps the water cool, but also has health benefits.

Benefits of drinking water from clay pots

Clay pots are natural cooling

Earthenware is usually porous, which helps keep stored water cool during extreme heat, and you may want to store water in these containers rather than putting it in the refrigerator.

Chemical free clay pots

Plastic bottles can be used to store water that contains chemicals, however, the containers are chemical-free and prevent toxins from entering the body.

Clay pot water is alkaline in nature

The water in an earthen vessel is alkaline in nature and therefore helps to maintain the body’s pH level if the body’s pH balance is disturbed or becomes too acidic; You may have digestive problems or stomach problems.

Clay pot water is beneficial for throat

If you suffer from asthma or a cold, drinking water from the refrigerator may aggravate your condition. However, drinking water from a clay pot is good for your throat because it is not cold and its optimal temperature does not irritate the throat.

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