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Show Wi-Fi password connected using root


Show Connected Wi-Fi Password On Android Devices Without Root Android devices have recently added a feature with the barcode feature where the password of the connected device is known.

Many methods are used to find WiFi password because a person forgets the WiFi password connected to his phone and needs to show it, failure to show it is a problem, so there are some. Ways to show Wi-Fi password We will show you this through the Egypt Brief website.

Show the password of the connected Wi-Fi network

When you connect to any Wi-Fi network, one of the ways to display the connected Wi-Fi password is accessed, a button with a qr code written below will appear. Press the gallery icon above. The screenshot is selected, after which the code is decoded and the password appears.

Since the root method is a practical method and you don’t need much time to get the Wi-Fi password, there is a way to root through a software process that helps you access the Wi-Fi password, but sometimes there are some phones. It does not support root mode. .

There is another way to get the Wi-Fi password, it depends on entering the settings of the router, another method depends on installing an application to get the Wi-Fi password, so there are many ways to get the Wi-Fi password. .

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Ways to show connected Wi-Fi password

first time

This method is used on two devices and if the phone is not rooted and unable to show the Wi-Fi password, you can easily check it as below:

  • A file with a password is easily searched.
  • After that, the phone opens the settings menu, and then a word related to the phone is selected.
  • Next, scroll down to the word setting number and tap 5-6 times until the message “You’re still here” appears.
  • Then turn on USB Debugging Enabled and go back to Settings by scrolling down to Developer Options and then USB Debugging Enabled.
  • Then ADB, Fastboot and adb are installed to communicate and redirect commands between PC and Android; This tool is Fastboot and you need this tool, it serves as a bridge to send commands if the phone is in recovery mode, useful flash tool for Android. To unlock the phone’s bootloader.
  • ADB and Fastboot Download the ADB 1.4.3 installer, double-click it and press Yes to install it on the computer.
  • Next, click on the installation acceptance window and click “Yes” to install the drivers.
  • After that, the platform-tools folder will open and these tools will be installed on the virtual disk, hold down the shift key with the right mouse button, and then click on the word open here.
  • Then press “Windows + r” button in the adb command prompt, type cmd and select OK to open.
  • The program is tested by connecting the Android phone to the computer with a cable, then a command window opens and adb services are written, then the device appears by pressing the enter key.
  • Then find command prompt and enter this command: “adb pull data misc wifi wpa_supplicant.conf wpa_supplicant.conf”
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It helps the phone to access the file and then move it to the C drive on the computer. The file opens in Notepad on the computer so that passwords are clean.

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Second time

This is one of the easiest ways and is supported by some phones like Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei, so this method works on a phone that supports QR feature with quick response feature and is done with the following specific steps:

  • First, press and hold the Wi-Fi icon on the phone or in the notification list, then tap the name of the network the phone is connected to.
  • Then the image will appear. Screen capture with QR code Press and hold the home button at the same time as the power button for a few seconds or screen capture by pressing the power button and volume down button on the side of the phone at the same time until two screens are captured. Monitor.
  • After that the QR Scanner app will be downloaded, once the download is complete press the Allow button and then press the option on the left side of the app.
  • Then the image is searched and the link is placed on the page that opens in the application, after which the Wi-Fi password appears and is known.

Third time

This method is done by using an application on the phone to get the password, but the operation of these programs requires the phone to be rooted, and download the network detection software with the following steps:

  • Network discovery application downloaded.
  • The app will get superuser permission, which enables users to know the password of any network they are connected to.
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How to show rooted wifi password

It is a software process used to access password on Android phones and its methods are as follows:

  • ES File Explorer is first downloaded to the phone and then opened.
  • As root helps you access the password files you pressed on the top left corner, root explorer is enabled while browsing the system files on the phone, select root explorer and enable it.
  • Data folder is searched in password files and then pressed and other file is searched to open and search wifi file then press conf.
  • Next, click on the last file that contains the name and password of the connected network, do not change anything in the file, so that in case of any change you will not be able to access the Wi-Fi again.

At the end of our article, the process of showing the connected Wi-Fi password has different methods used to show it, and some Android phones rely on the feature to support the method of knowing the password.

Now getting the Wi-Fi password is not a root method, but it is not difficult to get it even though there are many ways, instead there is a print connection, then it opens the connected Wi-Fi networks and shows the password.

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