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Shtayyeh: Israel’s preparation for ground invasion of Gaza means more crime and forced displacement.


Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayeh said on Monday that Israel was waging a “genocidal war” against the Palestinian people and warned of the catastrophic consequences of an expected ground attack on the Gaza Strip.


It came during Shtayya’s speech at the weekly government meeting in Ramallah, in which he asserted, “Israel is waging a genocidal war, waged by a barbaric, colonialist-minded criminal apparatus that craves and delights in killing. Torture of innocents and children and bombings of mosques and churches.”

“Stopping the war and occupation, bringing relief supplies into Gaza, protecting civilians and ending forced displacement, this is an international responsibility,” he pointed out.

He also warned of the consequences of a ground attack on the besieged Gaza Strip: “What we hear from the leaders of the occupation government about the preparations for the ground invasion is the continuation of new crimes, atrocities, forced displacement and killings. We condemn positions such as license to kill and political cover to carry out massacres for the purpose of murder and revenge.

Pointing out that Palestinian doctors are currently operating without anesthesia due to the lack of medical supplies, he said that the Israeli army killed 1,800 children in Gaza, and continued, “The Palestinian people are the owners of civilization, we are the owners.” Land, and our quest for freedom will never stop.”

For the 17th straight day, Israel continued its intense raids on the Gaza Strip, shelling residential areas and hospitals, resulting in around 400 deaths in the past 24 hours, while Israeli military radio reported that Israel had agreed to Washington’s request to postpone ground entry. into Gaza until US forces arrive.

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