January 29, 2023

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Significant increase in humidity.. Temperature expected today Wednesday

The Meteorological Department announced the weather forecast for Wednesday today, with humidity increasing significantly in the north of the country as far as Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt.

Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts have hot and humid weather during the day, South Sinai and the south of the country are very hot and humid, the northern coast is mild and humid at night, and the rest of the regions are hot and humid.

The weather forecast indicates that wind activity will be present at times in isolated parts of the country during the evening, with chances of light rain and thundershowers at times, with approximately 30% occurrence in Halayeb and Shaladin.

Here are the expected temperatures for Wednesday:

The maximum temperature in Cairo is 34, the real temperature is 37 and the minimum temperature is 25.
The maximum temperature in Alexandria is 32, the minimum is 37, the minimum is 25.
Danta, maximum temperature 34, minimum 37, minimum 25.
Shebin El-Kom, maximum temperature 34, realized temperature 37, minimum 25.
Maximum temperature in Damanhur is 33, minimum is 36 and minimum is 24.
Minus, maximum temperature is 30, realized temperature is 33 and minimum is 24.
Siva, maximum temperature 37, minimum 40, minimum 24.
The port said the high will be 32, the low will be 35 and the low will be 25.
Damita, maximum temperature 32, minimum 35, minimum 25.
In Zagazig, the maximum temperature is 35, the minimum is 36 and the minimum is 25.
Mansoura, maximum temperature 34, minimum temperature 37, minimum 26.
Ismailia, maximum temperature 35, minimum 38, minimum 24.
In Suez, the maximum temperature is 35, the realized temperature is 38 and the minimum is 24.
Al-Arish, maximum temperature 33, minimum 36, minimum 24.
St. Catharines, high temperature 34, realized temperature 37, low 19.
Sharm el-Sheikh, maximum temperature 39, minimum 42, minimum 29.
Harghada, maximum temperature 39, minimum 42, minimum 30.
Fayoum, maximum temperature 35, minimum 38, minimum 25.
Beni Souf, maximum temperature 36, minimum temperature 39, minimum 25.
Minya, maximum temperature 38, minimum 41, minimum 25.
Asiute, maximum temperature 39, minimum 42, minimum 25.
Sohag, Max 39, Min 42, Min 26.
Cana, maximum temperature 42, minimum 43, minimum 27.
In Luxor, the maximum temperature is 42, the realized temperature is 43 and the minimum is 28.
Aswan has a maximum temperature of 43, a minimum of 44 and a minimum of 31.

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