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Silent Hill: Ascension.. Find out when the game will be officially released


By Mounis Hawass

Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 05:00 PM

Genvid Entertainment and Konami Digital Entertainment announced the release date game The new interactive horror Silent Hill: Ascension, one of the most important classic horror games, is expected to be released worldwide for the first time on October 31, according to Jacob Navok, the game’s executive producer and CEO of developer Zenvid.

If you wish to participate, you can do so through the Ascension application on Android and iOS or by visiting its website.

Silent Hill: Ascension Game Idea

“I used the phrase ‘world premiere’ on purpose because Silent Hill: Ascension is not a game,” Navok said. “It’s a live-action series where you, the audience, are directly involved in deciding what happens. You and others. The community decides the fate of its characters. That doesn’t mean Ascension is live action, it’s an experience like a video game.

Interactive elements can include quicktime events, where if the audience fails enough, in addition to puzzles, the character will fail with them. The plan is to release new content on a daily basis that will improve the story and provide players with more decisions and challenges. contact.

Their progress will be tied into weekly episodes that will serve as “a summation of the community’s interactions with Silent Hill: Ascension,” and developer Genwit Technologies, which collaborated with Konami and Bad Robot Games on the project, plans to run the series for six. months.

Silent Hill: Ascension game story

The story of the game revolves around a group of main characters who are being chased by terrifying Silent Hill monsters. These monsters lurk in the darkness and threaten to destroy people, their children, and entire cities. They are attracted to darkness. Recent crimes, sins and long-suppressed fears, to collaborate… these characters unite to fight demons and escape Silent Hill.

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