January 30, 2023

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Simon reveals why he has not sung for 15 years (video) | News

The artist, Simon, revealed the reason why he had not sung for 15 years and his recent return with the song “Al-Ruha Al-Farfoocha”.

During an interview with Mona L-Shassley on the CBC show “With You, Mona L-Shassley”, Simon spoke about the reason he stopped singing.

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She continued, “Also, the plays continued, and they took me away from singing a little bit.”

He added, “I have its time for everything I need, and I’ve been given sweet songs behind some, and I thought it’s time to come back. Coincidentally, Farfucha composed the first song, but it’s not the end.”

Simon sang the song “Farbucha”, amidst the great conversation of the audience

It is noteworthy that Simon participated in the “Family Record” series, which was shown in 2019, a series starring Ezzat Al-Alayli, Mervat Amin, Bossi, Salah Abdullah, Muhammad Riyad, Dina Fouad, Mirna Walid and other elite stars.

The “Family Control” series, written by Mohamed Raga and Michael Nabil, was produced by the Egyptian Art Institute and directed by Damar Hamza

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