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“Dubai Media” promotes the mental health of its employees in the work environment


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Dr. Adel Al Sajwani, Family and Social Medicine Specialist, Faqih University Hospital, hosted an awareness lecture on “I am Happy” at the headquarters of Dubai Media Incorporated “Al Bayan” in the presence of many interested staff. In mental health, with the aim of shedding light on the reality of mental health and the importance of gaining advanced skills in her.

This lecture, mixed with interactive discussions and conversations, covers a number of key topics that touch on mental health and its importance and the skills that individuals should have from youth to adulthood to improve mental health. Make challenges and make the right decisions efficiently and effectively.

Al-Sajwani stressed the importance of improving the mental health of the employee to perform his or her duties and tasks, stressing that mental retardation negatively affects the productivity and giving of the employee and also has negative effects on others in his or her environment. Furthermore, ensuring mental health leads to a person’s well-being and psychological and social harmony. , Emphasizes the importance of mental health for the individual and the community and its close relationship with a sense of happiness and achievement.

Dr. Sajwani pointed out the importance of investing in oneself without feeling lonely and lonely even after retirement, emphasizing that happiness is an achievement that starts in youth and continues into old age. To practice mental peace exercises, to improve mental health.

During the lecture, Dr. Adel Al-Sajwani emphasized that mental health is not a social stigma but different from mental illness because it is a continuum of security, well-being and positive thinking, not mental illness. , Refers to the importance of mental health in our lives, as well as uncontrollable factors such as genetic and hereditary factors, social and psychological factors, and the interaction of the individual with environmental factors, such as genetic and genetic factors.

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He said: There is a strong connection between health and happiness and a healthy culture is essential in our lives. Happiness and physical health are incomplete without mental health. He expressed his gratitude for the interest of the Dubai Media Corporation. Improving the mental health of employees.

For his part, Khadija Al Youssef, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, Dubai Media Incorporated, confirmed: The organization of this lecture comes in the context of its emphasis on the health and psychological well-being of Dubai Media Inc. employees. Improving the work environment and its impact on the productivity of employees in the organization, as well as its importance at both the family and community levels.

He added: The company’s strategies and vision for the next 50 years and its efforts to achieve global leadership and reach out to the happiest people on earth in the Emirate, confirming the importance of improving mental health among employees. It gives its positive role in spreading happiness in the family and social environment of the employee and also plays its role in promoting the development movement in the community.


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