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Singing, music and drama performances at the Jerusalem festival


Under the motto “Arise Jerusalem”… activities of the “Jerusalem Festival” organized by the Yabuz Cultural Center will begin on August 12 this year with the participation of local and foreign bands.

Founded in 1995, the festival aims to “revive the cultural and commercial movement in the city of Jerusalem, contribute to the support and development of economic and social life, raise the level of knowledge of various arts and deepen the interactive dialogue. Collaboration between Palestinian bands and artists, intellectuals and groups of international artists. ” says a statement from the festival management.

Events are held in the halls of the Yabus Center, hundreds of meters from the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, and in the Haifa and Tishe refugee camps in Bethlehem.

Art is a tool of expression

The organizers of the festival said, “This year, through the performance of art, we are talking about the restrictions imposed on us and public space, restrictions on cultural institutions and individuals, and as a tool to express socio-political issues.”

The opening ceremony is accompanied by an Arab orchestra (National Conservatory of Music) led by Palestinian musician Suhail Khoury. The show, which runs till August 18, will include the participation of music and theater groups and comedy shows.

Organizers of the festival announced this year’s launch of the (Rim Banna Prize for Music Production), whose mission is to “encourage the production of new songs that champion the Palestinian cause and global humanitarian issues affecting Arab and international public opinion. Also call attention to the just cause of Palestine and issues of political and social justice around the world.” Call to pay.”

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Rim Banna, a Palestinian singer and composer from Nazareth, died in 2018.

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