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Avoid it.. Body movements that give a bad impression to those around you


Gestures and body language are a great tool to add focus and clarity to the messages and ideas you want to communicate to others. According to information published by the “Jargan Josh” website, body gestures are the most powerful non-verbal tool a person can use to convey levels of belief, mood and culture. Jargon Josh.

Scientific studies have proven that body language reflects a person’s personality traits. Therefore, those who understand how to use body language and gestures and understand how to communicate their personality, if a person wants to achieve an effective personality, he must develop proper speaking posture, gestures, body language and gestures. Movement, facial expressions and eye contact are key to a strong personality and can make a positive first impression on others.


Experts advise avoiding 5 body language gestures that leave a bad impression, including:

1- Hold your hands behind your back

Holding your hands behind your back while talking to someone can give a bad impression of your non-verbal manner, as you may seem like you’re trying to cut off communication, or you may come across as arrogant. This condition may also indicate that you do not trust what the other person is saying.

Psychologists say that holding your hands or arms behind your back while speaking is a way of telling someone “you’re not sure about them.” In some cases, if you hold your hands and arms tightly, one can explain that you may be hiding a fact when asking a question during a conversation. If you hold your hands behind your back and one hand is loosely on your shoulders, this is a sign of frustration, anger, anxiety, hopelessness and insecurity at that moment.

Avoid these body movements

Avoid these body movements

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2- Touching the face while talking

Touching your face while talking to someone can leave a bad impression on them. Touching your face in the middle of a conversation or meeting is a less powerful gesture. You show signs of anxiety, nervousness, lack of control and lack of confidence. Touching your face while talking is one of the four most common hug gestures. It also indicates that you are constantly thinking about something which reveals that your mind is wandering during the ongoing conversation. While touching another’s face is a sign of intimacy and affection, touching your own face is an expression of your true feelings.

3- Knotting and interlacing the fingers of the hands

If you cross your hands or fingers while talking to someone, you make a bad impression, contrary to what many people think that crossing your hands or fingers together gives a strong and authoritative look. Clasping your hands or interlocking your fingers during a conversation gives the impression that you are anxious, nervous, hesitant, nervous, and insecure. If you are holding or rubbing your hands while presenting or speaking, you are unprepared and may be a sign of frustration, stress and anxiety.

4- Pointing with finger

If you point your finger at someone while speaking, many people use this pointing finger gesture to emphasize their point or indicate something. But it is enough to know that this is a gesture that seems rude and aggressive, so experts advise to avoid it. While some people think that pointing the finger is a way to appear assertive, in many social settings, this translates to a lack of etiquette. Pointing at someone with your index finger indicates aggression.

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5- Position of feet and legs

If you drag your feet while talking to someone, it can make a bad impression and make it seem like you’re not confident in what you’re trying to say. If you’re crossing one leg over the other, it’s not a good position, as it saps your confidence and makes your words less powerful or effective. Crossing one leg over the other while you speak makes you seem withdrawn or fearful or nervous. One can observe such crossed leg gestures especially when one is standing among strangers in elevators. It should be noted that the position of the crossed legs in the middle of the cone can reflect that the person is in a defensive or closed position.



Meanings of common gestures

* If you touch the tip of your nose, you may not be telling someone the whole truth.
If someone closes his mouth while speaking, he is lying.
When the neck is scratched while speaking, the person does not agree with what is being said.
If a person puts his hand in his pocket, he is trying to show dominance.
If he rubs his hands on his thighs, he appears worried.
If he sags his shoulders, he suffers from lack of confidence.
*If the handshake is shaky, he appears weak and desperate.
* If one rubs his forehead, he wants to be comfortable.

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