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SoftServe opens new office in Dubai


Soft Serve, A leading global digital authority and consulting firm, has opened a new office in Dubai as part of its efforts to support a growing user base in the Middle East.

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SoftServe has been providing solutions for large companies in the retail, finance and energy sectors to customers in the region since 2018. The Middle East, especially the Dynamic Investment Center, plays a key role in SoftServe’s growth strategy, providing significant business opportunities to a growing population and non – oil sectors. The new office building is located at 16, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Volodymyr Semenish, Managing Vice President, EMEA Region, SoftServe, said, “We are pleased to bring our professional capabilities to meet the growing demand for software development and digital transformation in the region.” Our new office in Dubai offers AI, machine learning, cloud-based solutions and digital banking solutions. Focusing innovations will allow us to better support and improve our customer base. While providing the latest technology solutions and services, we plan to build long-term and lasting relationships across the Middle East; So our local presence marks an evolution in the growth of key markets in the region. ”

Dubai is especially renowned as a leading research and development center for emerging industries for the widespread adoption of new technologies. Combined with SoftServe’s proven track record in retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and oil and gas, the growing demand for IT services in the Middle East offers interesting opportunities to expand the company’s portfolio with new corporate accounts. SoftServe’s new office in Dubai will provide customers with a full range of services ranging from consulting and advising, on-site project management, implementation and ongoing support.

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In 2019, it partnered with SoftServe Demonos, The world’s leading banking software publisher, has spearheaded the use of Infinity DPX, the global banking platform for bank customers in the Middle East. SoftServe enabled Infinity DBX to ensure compliance with specific banking regulations in the EMEA region. This solution enabled the end customer to customize the Demonos site to meet their operational needs, increase their market share and lay the foundation for future technological advances and advances.

SoftServe is Google’s Cloud Premier Partner, which enables customers to customize the experience in terms of big data management, cloud architecture, GCP services, data security, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing. As a partner and leading consultant on the AWS Partner Network, SoftServe promotes AWS best practices for providing services across finance, healthcare, retail, cloud migration and SAAS. As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Goldsmith’s company specializes in providing sophisticated customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

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About SoftServe

SoftServe is a digital authority that advises and supplies at the forefront of technology. We express, modify, accelerate and improve the way businesses and software companies do business. Using our expertise in healthcare, retail, energy, financial services, software and more, we implement end-to-end solutions to deliver the innovation, quality and speed that users expect from our customers.

SoftServe offers open innovations: from the generation of compelling new ideas, to the development and implementation of transformative products and services. Our work and our customer experience are structured based on an emotional and human-centered experience that guarantees continuity from concept to start. We empower businesses and software companies to recognize diversity, accelerate solution development, and actively compete in today’s digital economy. Wherever you are on your journey.

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