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Solar panels will occupy the electric cars of the future .. Video


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After buildings, solar panels have begun to occupy the roofs of vehicles, and many start-ups and auto giants are accepting them to run their new electric cars.

Under the scorching sun in northern Spain, the lightear vehicle, the first model to be made with start-up lightear, stores solar energy that allows it to travel more than seventy kilometers a day because its hood and roof are like five square meters of solar panels. .

Craftsmen, young Dutch engineers, have won many competitions focusing on sunlight in the Australian desert. According to “Runenews” they are trying to use this technology for all types of cars, using the low cost of photovoltaic panels and batteries.

This vehicle uses less energy than the electric SUVs that dominate the market, thanks to its aerodynamic system and wheel-mounted engines, which can run on solar power for a distance of 635 km.

Lex Hofsalt, one of the automakers, said, “We do not have time. We need to move to renewable energy as soon as possible. Change our standards quickly.”

Lightyear set tough targets because it produced less than 1,000 copies of its first model and priced each of them at 250,000 euros ($ 264,000), while it announced it would offer 30,000 euros in 2024 and 2025. 31 per person, $ 7 thousand)

As the market for electric cars continues to grow, several models equipped with solar panels are expected to be introduced in the coming months. Toyota has begun to offer its customers a version of the Prius Solar Panel (one model with two engines, one running on petrol and the other on electric), and its electric car, the BZ4X. This also applies to the Cybertruck that Tesla wants to launch in 2023.

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Mercedes has photovoltaic cells on the roof of its luxury vehicle “EQXX” similar to the “light year” vehicle, and the company ensures that the vehicle relies on solar energy for 1,000 km.


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