December 2, 2022

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Sons of Female Citizens.. Sons of Emirates – Al Ittihad Newspaper

Sons of Female Citizens.. Sons of Emirates

Regarding the same treatment recommended in the fields of education and health for the children of Emirati female citizens living in the country, the decision issued by the Head of State, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, is strange or surprising, and will continue to guide the needs and concerns of the Emirati citizen, the sons and daughters of the Emirati, His Highness. In view, the piercing element of the country’s comprehensive march on the road to leadership and progress.

This decision reflects his high views of all male and female citizens and their children and his interest in supporting the family and developing it in ways that strengthen its stability as the most important component of Emirati society. It enhances the integration of society and its unity and solidarity, and enriches its human resources. This decision reflects the great dynamism of the decision makers and policy makers in the country who are keen to keep our laws and laws in line with the social and economic developments and changes taking place in the country and the world in general. By centering this decision on education and health, two of the most important burdens of all parents, namely providing their children with good education and proper healthcare, are lifted from the shoulders of an Emirati mother married to an expatriate.

Giving children of female citizens access to top public schools, institutions and universities opens up a future full of promising opportunities and limitless options for them to become the elite of this society and assume leadership and pioneering roles in various productive sectors. Also, benefiting from advanced medical services in government hospitals for the children of female citizens will ensure their health and psychological security and strengthen their sense of and loyalty to the state.

The decision, which has brought joy to the hearts of Emirati mothers, will no doubt give their children a boost of self-confidence. . The UAE has never ignored these types of Emirati children, but has always tried to improve their conditions and solve their problems, providing them with many exemptions and exemptions, and setting up a law for them that would allow them to acquire Emirati citizenship.

In fact, this law and other decrees and decisions made possible the naturalization of about 4,000 sons and daughters of female citizens. However, shortly after his brothers were unanimously elected by the members of the Supreme Council of the Federation, the new decision issued by the Head of State represents a huge step towards solving the case of children of female citizens. A clear sign of his high interest in this category of Emirati children and a sign that the future is bright. .

* “News of the hour” bulletin published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

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