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Sony forms a game security team


When Sony expanded the PlayStation Plus Begins to appear There will be next month Fold in the PlayStation now, Which provides access to hundreds of games from older generation consoles. Now, the company seems to be taking the game very seriously.

I found it according to Twitter and LinkedIn posts Video Game FactsSony has hired at least one engineer (Garrett Fredley, a former civil engineer at mobile developer Kabam) to work on a new security team. “Today is my first day as a Senior Civil Engineer at PlayStation, working as one of the early men on the newly formed safety team! Holding the game was my first professional interest, so I’m glad to go back to those roots. Fredley Books. “Let’s not forget the history of our industry!”

It is not entirely clear what the Security Council will do or what Sony’s goals will be. Engadget clarified by contacting Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony has not always done a great job of maintaining the games. Can work on many PS1 games and original PS3 models that worked on PS2 Many PS1 and PS2 gamesHowever, you can not run older generation disks on the PS4. However, the PS5 supports All but a few PS4 titles.

The company closed its digital storefront for PSP last summer Rewind the plan To close PS3 and Vita stores after the Great Recession. There is no guarantee that every PS3 and PSP exclusive will be included in the new PS Plus service, which will not have beta titles, so some games will be lost over time.

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At 2017 InterviewJim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, spoke at an event about watching Gran Turismo titles on PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4, and said something that bothered him: “PS1 and PS2 games are old, why would anyone play this?” “Ryan Clear Last year, he tried to prove how beautiful the modern look of the series is and that he has no intention of insulting PlayStation history. However, many took his initial opinion that Sony did not care about older games.

It is good that Sony is more focused on maintaining the game. Non-profit And Fan-driven projects They took charge of this front. PC gamers, of course, have access to titles dating back decades (i.e., you are both inside and outside the game). Half-life Recently).

Microsoft understands that people still want to play old games on modern platforms and in recent years has placed more emphasis on backward compatibility. You can play games from Xbox Series X / S Just like the original Xbox.

However, like Sony, Nintendo did not perform well in maintaining the games. Will be 3DS and Wii U stores closed. Next year, you will not be bringing all the games from those consoles to the Nintendo Switch. Many of these games will not be accessible to future generations of gamers.

Update at 2:05 PM ET: Point out how PS1 games worked on PS2.

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