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Sony stopped promoting the PS5 because no one was using it


Sony stopped promoting the PS5 because no one was using it

One PS5 Key Features It will be discontinued at the end of this year because no one is using it. The new generation console was praised A way to allow players to learn about each other’s efforts in online games. This feature allowed you to award badges to teammates and opponents based on their playstyle, so they could be helpful or welcoming, for example.

But later PlayStation Official Site Noting the low turnout: “As of Fall 2022, the complimentary feature will no longer be supported on PS5. This feature is not used as much as we expected, so we are focusing our efforts on it. We encourage the community to continue sending positive messages to each other.

Sony noticed this recently Share on all his keyboards It’s been “much lower than expected” lately, and it’s increasing the amount of investment from those who have time to play on both PS5 and PS4. We envisage new initiatives like the Loyalty Program Post script. Stars It will help, so it makes sense for the company to avoid praise if they don’t use it.

Have you ever touched on the compliment system? Are you sad to see her go? Give us a mark in the comments section below.

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