April 1, 2023

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Sorry and security .. Taliban appeal to Afghan pilots

Sorry and security .. Taliban appeal to Afghan pilots

The comments by the government’s chief spokesman, Jabihullah Mujahid, came amid reports that more than 140 Afghan pilots and crews had trained them. United States They are gone Tajikistan On Tuesday, the U.S. broker was expelled after 3 months of taking refuge there to escape Taliban control in Afghanistan.

Afghan Air Force pilots, along with their U.S. counterparts, played a key role in the 20-year war against the Taliban insurgency with the withdrawal of foreign troops in late August.

And caused Air strikes In severe losses The Taliban are in line They were repeatedly forced to resign from their positions in various parts of the country.

And with decline Afghan government Took power with the support of the United States Taliban In mid-August, dozens of Afghan pilots fled to Central Asian countries, including Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

It is not clear how many military pilots and crews were stationed in Afghanistan, what risks they faced, or how credible the Taliban’s promises were.

Over the past three months, there have been reports of retaliatory killings by the Taliban, but not on a widespread or regular basis.

Mujahid said Afghanistan needed pilots and all those mentioned were forgiven.

He added that “they (Afghan pilots) have no security problem in Afghanistan and no plan to arrest them. A national amnesty has been declared.” He added that pilots, “whether in the military or on civil aviation, can” be in the service of their country.

“It is unfortunate that so many pilots have left or are planning to leave,” he added.

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