June 6, 2023

Dubai Week

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A “big cat” in freedom is in progress

Research began Tuesday in one district Dubai After a statement Animal Wild, like a giant black cat, is one of seven companies in Dubai Police United Arab Emirates. A video showing this animal was in circulation Social Websites, Residents of the residential district called on Springs authorities to “take all necessary precautionary measures.”

“Dubai police today assured residents that they are taking all necessary measures to reduce the risk to people associated with a wild animal,” the U.S. Department of Communications tweeted. Experts are currently conducting extensive research to find and capture the animal. “

A leopard or a leopard

According to the newspaper Nation, Referring to a veterinarian, the animal appears to be a young black leopard or a leopard. “We are looking for the animal as it is believed to have been spotted by a resident this morning,” a security guard explained daily.

There are private zoos in the Emirates, although there are heavy fines for maintaining or trading wildlife. The Bellingard survey site reported this year that the wildlife trade has continued as celebrities “continue to show their tigers, leopards and monkeys on social media.”

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