March 29, 2023

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Soulscare reveals why Ronaldo sat on the bench against Everton

Soulscare reveals why Ronaldo sat on the bench against Everton

Manchester United coach Ole Gunner has clarified his decision to field Cristiano Ronaldo against Everton.

England host Toffees at Old Trafford in the seventh round of the Premier League, with Ronaldo being replaced by Edison Cavani, Anthony Marshall and Mason Greenward in the attacking line-up.

Despite Ronaldo’s decisive role in United’s win over Villarreal in the Champions League last Wednesday, he scored the winning goal against the Spanish side last time out.

“We did a great job last Wednesday and it was very stressful both physically and emotionally,” Soulscare said before facing Everton.

“That’s why we decided to renew our squad and revive the team somewhat, because the start of this match against Everton will be very important, especially since it takes place in the early morning.”

He continued, “We talked about the impact of the substitutes and what they did in the last match. The same thing could happen today. Gavani and Marshall know how good they are, we feel their importance, we need all the players we need to rotate sometimes this season.”

He concluded by saying: “To ensure the unity of the team and the depth of creation we have, we need to control the game minutes for the players.”

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In a related context, Everton coach Rafael Benitez said of Ronaldo’s absence: “Perhaps everyone expected him to take part, as he may be somewhat happy with his absence, but they still have a strong team.”

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