June 5, 2023

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Source: Qatar will not allow alcohol to be sold at World Cup stadiums

Source: Qatar will not allow alcohol to be sold at World Cup stadiums

A source close to the procedures for organizing the World Cup in Qatar said Doha will not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at the World Cup stadiums next November.

The source confirmed that the sale of these drinks will be available outside the stadiums and before and after the matches.

“In stadiums, the plans are still being finalized. But the current discussion is about allowing fans to drink beer when they arrive and leave the stadium, but during matches, beer will not be sold inside the stadiums or in the stands,” the source said. told Reuters.

This is the first time that the tournament will be held in a Muslim-majority country, especially in a Gulf country that follows Islamic Sharia law.

World Cup matches have long been associated with high levels of alcohol consumption by visiting fans, with Brazil forced to lift a ban on alcohol sales inside football stadiums after pressure from FIFA. Before the 2014 World Cup.

Specific hours of the day will be set for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the main fan zone at Al Bida Park in Doha.

“Unlike fan zones in previous World Cups, beer will not be served all day, but at limited hours,” the source added.

Visitors are prohibited from bringing alcohol into Qatar from abroad, even those sold at airport duty-free shops, and they cannot shop at the country’s only liquor store on the outskirts of Doha.