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SpaceX suspends production of new Crew Dragon spacecraft


SpaceX says it will no longer build new vehicles on the company’s crew Dragon capsule, which will be used to transport and exit humans to the International Space Station. According to a report in Reuters. The current plan is to load the Crew Dragon Fleet at 4, which will fly SpaceX back and forth and take the crew into space.

“We are finishing the final [capsule]”But we’re still making parts because we’re going to upgrade,” said Queen Shotwell, president of SpaceX. Reuters. After each group’s dragon flight, the spacecraft must be rearranged in Florida, where some hardware is modified or modified and re-prepared for flight. SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment.

SpaceX initially developed the Crew Dragon for NASA’s Business Team project, an attempt to develop specialized vehicles to carry Agency astronauts back and forth from the International Space Station. As part of this mission, SpaceX sent four NASA astronauts to the International Space Station in Crew Dragon. In September last year, the company launched its first fully personal crew, carrying four civilian astronauts into orbit around the Earth in a three-day mission.

The company plans several future missions for the four crew dragons, each named after the first astronauts: Pursuit, Retreat, Endurance and Freedom.

In about a week, commercial space station company Axiom will launch a team Four special astronauts in the Dragon crew to the space station for a 10-day mission. Agreement with Axiom SpaceX is set to launch at least three additional manned missions to the International Space Station The first one in Crew Dragon after this. Meanwhile, SpaceX still has an agreement with NASA to send crews to the International Space Station every six months and then bring them home. In February, NASA SpaceX has introduced three additional human missions with the crew dragon For the International Space Station, Six SpaceX was originally contracted. The news raised SpaceX’s commercial deal with NASA to $ 3.49 billion.

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Since SpaceX Crew stopped production of the Dragon, the company has been gathering resources to build a new rocket for the spacecraft, a large new vehicle designed to carry people and cargo to deeper places such as the Moon and Mars. However, Shotwell says Reuters You can restart your SpaceX Crew Dragon product anytime if needed.

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