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Spring break raises airfares by up to 40%


Due to high demand for travel during the spring break, which starts in the last week of March, the fares on some routes can vary by 20-40%, depending on the destination, and its size, prompting airlines to raise ticket prices. Demand, according to sources working in the travel industry.

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An “economic statement” of ticket prices posted on booking websites and airlines’ websites showed that commercial airline tickets for flights departing with the start of spring break to Amman, Beirut and Cairo ranged between 1150. Prices range from 900 to 1100 dirhams on the same date to the same destinations, from 1500 dirhams one way.

Mamoon Humaidan, head and general manager of Wego’s business operations for the Middle East, North Africa and India, said that the upcoming holiday season combined with spring break and Eid al-Fitr will boost travel demand as airlines prepare. To meet the increased demand for travel during this season.

Demand for overseas travel during spring break is on the rise and demand is expected to increase in the coming weeks, he said, adding that searches from the UAE abroad during the upcoming spring break will be around 800,000 activities.

The average price of a ticket for travel during the holiday period reached $355, while the most searched destinations from the UAE were Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco and Lebanon for tourism and family visits, in addition to holiday destinations such as Turkey and Thailand. He stressed the importance of booking and planning ahead for travel to avoid further hikes in the coming period.

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For his part, Salah Mansour, managing director of Dubai Link Group’s STS, said that ticket prices during the spring break are at their highest level since the beginning of the year, supported by high demand for travel, indicating the rate. During spring break which starts in the last week of March, the price increase is 20-40% over normal days.

He added that the demand for travel is divided into two areas. The first focuses on some regional destinations such as Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. Do you want to take a short vacation before Ramadan?

He explained that demand for travel is not limited to departing flights, but average occupancy rates for inbound flights are more than 80%. The seasonality of the tourism industry disappeared and there was year-round tourism activity.

Mansoor stressed that airlines are preparing for such occasions by scheduling flights according to demand, adding that UAE carriers’ seat capacity has increased significantly compared to last year as they continue to acquire new aircraft. Reduces pressure on reservations.

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